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Colored apple laptops

Nowadays as we mentioned repeatedly up to this moment, there are so many ways of expressing your personality and it’s not done anymore through the clothes that you wear- now it’s trendy to do it through the laptop that you carry in all the places you go with you.

So, we thought it would really be a nice idea to take into account what exact colors can you apply for whenever it comes to colored Apple laptops, because you know that not all colors are possible and not the exact tone that you want can be available.

Let’s start with pink- if you want it pink there shouldn’t be any problem! Of course, think of the tone of pink that you want it to be. Are you thinking of a light pink or one that is spicier or something similar to it? Well, in both cases these colors are available and you can be sure that as a lady that respects herself, you’re going to carry it in all the places you go with pride.

colored apple laptops

In fact, we’re sure that you like this combination: pink cover with the white brand label and in the front side there’s this element that you surely observe how it blends with the other details- the grey track pad.

If you’re fed up of seeing pink gadgets all around, then a purple Apple laptop won’t seem a bad looking accessory to you, or is it? From our perspective it looks indeed interesting and most certainly you’re going to start the envy of those surrounding you.

colored apple laptops 2

Both examples were taken directly from the Apple MacBook Air and they look stunning! You’re going to love applying for it pretty much.

In most of the cases you must have observed that the common color if it can be named in this way for Apple laptops and really popular in the same time- is grey. Certainly all of these gadgets are good looking in this particular tone and in the front side you can observe the same tone as well. The label remains in the same way without a color and indeed it’s a great combination if you ask us.

colored apple laptops 3

If we’re speaking about colored Apple laptops than this suggestion certainly seems an interesting one to you- it’s made in white, blue and grey and all of these combined together create a nice visual effect and let’s not forget about the fact that they create indeed an interesting pattern with the squares. The brand label remains in the middle and it keeps the same line and pattern.

colored apple laptops 4

If you’re a person that is into minimalist ideas then the white Apple laptop is the gadget that you’re looking for!  For those that are fed up of this concept, we decided to share this article with them.

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