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Colored Dell gadgets

Everybody wants his or her gadget unique in a manner or another. You can realize this thing with a special configuration or with picking a laptops skin, or as Dell suggests it to us: choose a special design. We were curios in finding out what models are there and we encountered new models besides the already well known Hong Kong collection from OPI.

We clicked on the most popular designs and we remained impressed to see just how many interesting models are there…. We have no choice than presenting you some of the interesting models from our perspective and we hope that you consider it in the same manner.

So this model is available on the Inspiron 15 model and you add about $85 for it. It’s definitely designed for sports fans because it has the New York Yankees as the basic theme. The basic color is blue with white writings and also in the middle of all these details and symbols you can find the Dell logo. This model can be found also on white and gray background, but we consider the blue one to be more interesting than the others.


This model is for the Inspiron 15 too. It’s called “lovers in the morning” and it has a nice look on a white background. It’s designed by Deanne Cheuk and it uses old Japanese motifs with flowers and leaves….  We like to combination of white and faded gray or black or whatever. It denotes modernity which takes into consideration the old times.

Don’t lift your eyebrow! It’s just an impression.


There’s also the “big giant plaid” model, which can be personalized in several manners and with many combinations of lines and colors. It’s as expensive as the others: about $85. The lines are applied on a white background, meaning the external lid of the notebook. Enter on the official site of Dell and play with your cursor and see which model suits you the most, between all six of them. Our personal impression regards the “big giant plaid 2”. We think it’s quite interesting and it denotes a minimalist style in the same time: it’s not too much, but it isn’t also too little!


We think that the OPI patterns don’t need to be mentioned! These are really popular also after a couple of months and this may be considered as a great thing; all the colors and themes are special from the Hong Kong collection, but as we observed the blue (deep turquoise) is the most popular of them all…


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