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Compaq Mini 110 netbook

The modern human being has certain needs that must be satisfied with a series of gagdets. The technology seems to have evolved in perfect coordination with these needs, but let’s leave these theories behind and see a really nice notebook, made especially for the need of extreme portability and occupying the boring time during a voyage or a travel by plane with nice and fun activities. Such a product is the Compaq Mini 110 netbook!

The Compaq Mini 110 netbook seems to be especially designed for your needs of relating and speaking with your relatives while you’re on the run or you simply feel bored by your desktop computer! This gadget is much smaller than a laptop or some notebooks, you can do easy tasks on it, don’t mess it too much because he may not respond to all your demands, because it hasn’t strong proprieties as a laptop or a desktop PC may have!

What are the big pros about this gadget? It is so small, you can afford it compared with a laptop, you can easily chat with your friends through the wireless features, it has some great technical features, but it isn’t as reliable as a laptop is!

Compared with a laptop we can only say these things: if you’re in need of space and miniature size you may want a Compaq Mini 110 netbook, if you don’t have a large sum of money it’s also a great solution to buy the notebook, if you want great technical features and multitasking features necessarily apply for a laptop! So, a mini or a laptop? Only you can the size of your pocket can make a descision!

The Mini 110 you will certainly enjoy great moments! You can browse on the web, enjoy great videos or movies and the size of the display is rather good (10.1”), you’ll be also able to share your favorite pictures and files with your friends! In the same time you’re sure you can carry this tiny gagdet everywhere with you without having back ackes or a shivering hand! Let’s mention also that the keys of the keyboard are rather accessible to every hand, so it won’t a problem for you to chat on your favorite programs!

You also have a built in cam and a microphone in order to facilitate the discussions between your friends and you! Let’s also mention about the conferences you’re able to take and other great aspects….

Let’s end by offering some technical features about this gadget to see if you decide on buying it or not: 160 GB HDD, three USB 2.0 ports, a 5-in-1 media slot and a VGA port to connect to an external monitor! You can configure a Mini depending on your tastes and depending on these you can have a Mini that weighs 2.35 lbs or one of 2.57 lbs! and let’s not forget that this product is about 1” thin!

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