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Cool Dell designs for sports fans

The last two articles were unisex and regarded the designs for Dell gadgets and we’ve suggested you some of them. This time we’re presenting some interesting models to the guys, who must be sports fans, because this is their nature. These designs have the same adding amount of money $85 and look really interested. With a little effort we think that girls can adopt them too!

We start with the “die-hard” designs for all MLB team fans. This model looks interesting: it has a lot of logos on it, including the Dell one and there are a lot of colors involved. You may consider it as an exercise to stare at it for a few minutes. It inspires a happy feeling to us and we’re sure that it’s the same for you. This skin is mixed up with logos and drawings, there’s a similar model to this one that has all the logos of the great brands and all the things written there can be read. The later model can have a white or black background and it also looks interesting.

cool Dell designs for sports fans

If you’re a fan of the New York Mets, then it means that this design suits you perfectly. It has the NY logo with a Mets sign there and next to this logo you can find the Dell logo. You can find this model on a blue background.

cool Dell designs for sports fans2

There’s also another theme with the New York Yankees that looks similar to this one presented above…. There’s the NY label and the Yankees sign next to it, on a similar blue background. Also, there’s another variant with only the Yankees symbol on a black background with the team’s sign.

cool Dell designs for sports fans3

We continue with the Philadelphia Phillies fans that have from where to choose from…. There is a combination of the team’s traditional colors and the principal sign of the team. You can find several variants of designs and your have where to choose from. There is one model with a red background that contains the main logo of this team, another skin also with red background and the logo written only once and another one is made entirely of the team’s main logo with that particular writing, with the sign and white, blue and red colors used.

cool Dell designs for sports fans4

The last design we want to present you regards the Atlanta Braves team and it has also numerous variants, similar to the teams presented above. As you already know this team has an A as the sign together with the word “braves”. These are used together and form the logo of this major team. The basic colors are white, blue and red and these go really great together into forming a special looking design.

cool Dell designs for sports fans5

We hope you consider all these models presented above really interesting and we hope that you apply for them if you’re really a big sports fan. Also these are really great looking and it might be great to apply for them in order to personalize your gadget.

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