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Cool sleeves 2

Here’s how we continue with some other models of sleeves that will make your laptop look gorgeous and really interesting in the same time. We hope that the first ones seemed an interesting example to you and that you’re going to love these ones as well.

We start with a cool sleeve that is made of recycled material and this one is unique due to its design and the way in which it looks. Also, let’s also mention that the material is cool and that it is going to end up being a unique case. There are some other designs that you can apply for and they’re made of the same fabric and creating the same interesting visual effect. The price of this cool sleeve? Well, around $64.

Here’s how we continue with another interesting case that is made of fabric and you can adopt it with different patterns on. This one has owls on it in different colors and made differently and on the superior side you can observe a handle that will be helpful when it comes to carrying your gadget in all the places you intend on going. Not only are you going to be cool with such a sleeve, but you’re going to end up looking funky with it on.

cool sleeves 2 2

In case you want to have your laptop wrapped around a cozy sweater then it means that this sleeve is especially designed for you! You can apply for one that has nice patterns on it and that takes the model of old sweaters. Be certain that you’re going to end up with a really gorgeous looking gadget in your hands, but make sure that you don’t keep it away from wet spots and areas, because this material retains water.

cool sleeves 2 3

cool sleeves 2 4

We continue with an envelope-style sleeve that protects your laptop and it makes it look really cool in the same time. It creates indeed a really interesting visual effect and we’re certain that you’re going to be really happy with such a carrying case covering your laptop and protecting it.

cool sleeves 2 5

Colored sleeves! Yes and not any type of fabric, it’s a special one that retains water and it protects perfectly your gadget. Besides the fact that you can find these in different colors and patterns, these also look really interesting in the same time and we’re certain that you can observe on them good looking details.

cool sleeves 2 6

Last but not least, is a sleeve that is made of cork, this one has a really cool design and you can place it on the furniture and camouflage your gadget in the same time. How about that? We’re certain that this sounds pretty interesting and definitely a good option….

cool sleeves 2 7

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