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Cool sleeves

“How can I be cool with my laptop in my hands?” this is definitely a question that many of you have. Well, as we mentioned in some reviews, some laptops are designed in a very cool manner and this is what makes them special, but you can add them an extra touch of you or with a sleeve or a case you can make your gadget look interesting and gorgeous in the same time.

In the lines to come, we’re going to show you some sleeves for your laptop that offer it a cool look and interesting in the same time. These are designed for all tastes possible and we’re certain that you’re going to like one of these eventually.

We start with the first suggestion that consists of a sleeve that is white and it has a unicorn on it. This is definitely for those sassy ladies that really want to be special and maintain special. You can be certain that this will make the difference, this particular detail. This one has a unicorn with made with pink and some heart details as well. What can be sassier than this?

In case you’re a blue lover then it means that we’ve got just the right solution for you to make your laptop cool and blue in the same time. We’re speaking about a blue carrying case that has lines and circular details on it. On one side there’s a part with lines and the other one is with circles and it’s definitely an interesting combination of details. This is definitely one that will make the difference! This particular sleeve is made of recycled printing blankets, which are used especially in printing newspapers and bottle labels.

cool sleeves 2

We continue with some other sleeves that are really neat and gorgeous looking in the same time. These are made of knitted fabric, manually it means. Also, if you have a granny that has a lot of free time you can ask her to make one for you. In fact, it isn’t hard to make one like this…. The sleeves that we want to recommend to you are made in different colors in order to make your gadget look cooler and pretty colored in the same time, full of life exactly like you…. You can customize one such sleeve accordingly to your favorite color and we’re certain that this is more than you want!

cool sleeves 3

As you can observe, there’s nothing into it! You only have to choose one of the sleeves that we’ve suggested some lines before and you’re definitely going to end up with a great looking gadget in your hand, which looks exactly like an accessory.

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