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Dell and OPI’s new laptop color patterns

Many of the women possessing an electronic gadget feel like matching their personality, physical aspect or even nails(why not?) to their laptop or notebook’s external lid! For this segment, Dell has made a partnership with OPI and has designed covers for sassy women! Dell comes today with the Hong Kong line of colors designed for gadgets! And why is it named Hong Kong? Because it’s inspired by the marvelous city and each color seems to describe a little bit of the city’s atmosphere and general attitude!

So be happy girls because you now have a nice line of great looking laptops that are going to fit perfectly to your clothes, nails and personality! These types of colors are available at the models Studio 14 and the new Mini 10 that has a sleek white base.

The new colors included by these products are: Hot & Spicy, Jade Is the New Black, Dim Sum Plum, Meet Me on the Star Ferry, Red My Fortune Cookie and Suzi Says Feng Shui! And we’re going to describe a little bit of every color that is new appeared!

We begin with Dim Sum Plum that has a silky aspect, it is a combination of pink and violet and it inspires a silk pattern! It simply looks great and one can even feel like eating the little gadget by lookin with attention at the external lid with all those nice reflections! The person that adopts this kind of color is certainly passionate and sensual and this color seems to inspire it all!

Hot & Spicy seems to have at the base, themes like fire and those spicy foods encountered in the oriental places! It is a nice orange that also has that silk pattern on it! it’s very lively colored and denotes a strong personality, very active and loving life!

Jade Is the New Black is certainly inspired by water! It has such a flowing aspect like a serene river or the ocean during the middle of the day! The person that adopts this kind of color certainly is calm and feels great near water! Also, one can observe fine reflections and the glossy aspect can give you a hell of an illusion!

Meet Me on the Star Ferry is a nuance inspired by the celestial images! It is a dark and nice violet with nice patterns on it! This external model can be bought by those dreamer girls and really strong personalities in the same time! The gray lines inspire a silky feeling and it simply looks delicious on an Inspiron Mini 10!

Red My Fortune Cookie has as basic color a spicy red and with its patterns it certainly denotes romanticism and sensuality in the same time! This type of nuance will certainly match your new made manicure! Its silky patterns looks simply great and you will be tempted t touch it because it really looks like a nice made silk fabric!

The final model is Suzi Says Feng Shui and it has a breathtaking aspect! Silky and so pure in the same time! Its metallic reflections tell you that this color is a must have!

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