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Dell at the InfoWorld Green 15 Awards

As you already have observed more and more products are realized in an echo-friendly manner and this is a great thing. You may have seen the fact that there are so many ways in which you can reduce power consumption and save energy and the great producing brands advice you to take care of the environment and this is a marvelous thing, let’s admit it….

More and more companies try to make their products based on this principle of being echo- friendly. Also, you need to know that there are also some awards for this “attitude” and ways of protecting the environment and also protecting the environment.

Just yesterday took place the InfoWorld Green 15 Awards that “recognize the 15 most innovative initiatives that fall under the umbrella of sustainability”. And speaking of the number 15, let’s also mention alphabetically some names: Aflac, Andhra Pradesh, CLUMEQ, Dell, EPA’s Energy Star, Ericsson, Intel, Iron Mountain, KPMG, Palo Alto, Provider Enterprises, Raytheon, Standard Bank, State Street and Syracuse University.


Let’s also link some ideas regarding the names mentioned previously: Aflac was awarded for the fact that it yields productivity gains and also pushes for paperless practices, Andhra Pradesh with the help of virtual desktops it overcomes limitations, the next on the list is CLUMEQ with its transformation of rundown particle accelerator into efficiency cooling enclosure, EPA’s Energy Star for data servers and data centers, Ericsson has a greener supply chain, Intel highlights thousands of servers that are unproductive, Iron Mountain thinks that limestone is the perfect background for data center efficiency, KPMG makes incredible savings with telepresence, Palo Alto with its successful carbon-cutting goals, there’s also Provider Enterprises that is for fuel savings, Raytheon and its green efforts reached Antarctica, Standard Bank advices AC upgrade, State Street is for “banks on sustainability” and Syracuse University with its Green Data Center.

We left aside Dell, because this it’s another argument that we’re going to talk about separately…. So this brand has brought so many great things for the environmental side: it has improved cooling and power methods in a very ecological manner and this is an absolute thing.

Besides the fact that Dell has done so many things when it comes to saving energy and things like that, it also has done a great deal concerning prices and the business aspect “some of the best ‘green’ solutions are those that make great business sense” said R. Johnson, Dell chief information officer, and we couldn’t agree more.

All the pieces of advice that regarded unplugging the gadgets into saving power and also the components that work as to save electricity and not to give extra pennies from your pockets; all of these work really great with the idea of being friendly and it seems that it has success at the InfoWorld Green 15 Awards.

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