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Dell Inspiron 17 – good prices

We’ve been mentioning repeatedly about this gadget in several of our articles, but we didn’t offered these enough space and we think that we owe the Dell Inspiron 17 laptops an interesting review since you can find them at a great starting price $619.

The Dell Inspiron 17 has at the basis the new lines of laptops from Intel and you can choose between configurations with the i3 or i5 processor. Also, the operating system recommended is Windows 7 Home Premium that will not involve any problems in its usage.

Since it’s called the Inspiron 17 this means that this mobile computer has a 17” display, more specifically a 17.3” HD + WLED display that will definitely be useful every time you want to watch a movie, a video or simply blog. Let’s mention that you can find a laptop with a webcam incorporated that will turn out to be very useful when it comes to video conferences and stuff like that.

There is 4 GB shared dual channel DDR3, 320GB and 5400 rpm SATA HD, Intel HD Graphics, High Definition Audio 2.0, Dell Wireless, an integrated 1.3 MP webcam and a powerful 6 cell battery.

So you have all the reasons to buy the Dell Inspiron 17 and it’s definitely worth it. Its large screen display is one of the reasons, also there’s a full size keyboard that will be useful every time you chat with your friends or you blog, and another interesting feature regards the built-in numeric pad and the large multimedia viewing.

All these things make this gadget really great and a good traveling companion. Let’s not forget also the fact that you can choose between different configurations and these differ in price.

Studio XPS 16-i5

You can choose between a variant that has a starting price of $619, another one that’s $799, one that has a starting price of $869 and the other is $999. No more to say! You saw this gadget’s technical features, but the color still remains the same: it’s black for all of these laptops.

Take this gadget wherever you want to. Its dimensions permit you to do this thing and also you can enjoy great moments in the park, at school, in the yard, on the patio, in bed or it doesn’t matter…. It will be piece of cake no matter where you decide to use this gadget and also let’s not forget the fact that throughout the Wi-Fi you can surf on the internet or you can even apply for playing easy games, chatting through different applications and the list can continue. There are all the reasons for you buying the Dell Inspiron 17 and we’re sure that you will think before applying for this kind of gadget. It’s cheap in consideration with other 17” gadgets and it has the newest Intel processors, which is kind of great.

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