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Dell laptop – Dell Latitude Z600 refurbished option

If you can’t afford in buying a new laptop then you can apply for a refurbished gadget and you end up being a winner: an effective laptop or notebook if you know where to search and also some money saved! We’ve been browsing for such gadgets and we have great news for you: we struck over a great laptop with a good price and it can be used both if you’re a business man or a student.

We’re speaking about the refurbished variant of the Dell Latitude Z600. This laptop is thin and it has a 16” display with top quality features and also let’s mention that it is ultra portable and it is definitely “a host of forwards-thinking features”. Everything will be much easier with the help of this laptop and we assure of this thing.

So as we mentioned above this gadget is pretty thin and light: it has 14.5mm and it’s less than 2.0 kilos in weight. These are considered marvelous and you can be sure that it will be a piece of cake just to carry around your laptop with you.

The Dell Latitude Z600 is really elegant and it denotes luxury. It has a soft touch external lid and on the inside it feels like silk when you touch it, also let’s mention that beneath the case there’s a backlit keyboard. Those backlit buttons will certainly help you when it’s dark around and you need some extra light but you don’t want to disturb the others.

Dell laptop- Dell Latitude Z600 refurbished option

The 16” backlit widescreen display has a 2MP auto focus webcam. The last component mentioned previously will certainly help you in your video conferences and all the things you intend on doing. Also, the display will offer bright images and movies and it will be a pleasure to watch movies or to modify pictures with the help of different programs.

Besides all the great things mentioned above, this laptop has a functional design and there will be a piece of cake to use the power adapter or the optional accessories.

Here’s a revolutionary thing about this gadget: the EdgeTouch LCD sensor that will be complete with application shortcuts that are customizable.

The touchpad won’t represent a problem for you: use your fingers to slide, zoom, scroll, surf or rotate without encountering any difficulties.

Dell laptop- Dell Latitude Z600 refurbished option2

Oh and previously we’ve mentioned about the 2 MP webcam! You should also need to know that it doesn’t only help you to maintain video discussions it also helps you to scan and copy your documents or papers. Copy them and save them in your laptop in case you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Also, the webcam has the Dell FaceAware Lock-out feature that will keep strangers away from your gadget and intimate folders by only realizing that it isn’t your face that’s there!

Dell laptop- Dell Latitude Z600 refurbished option3

If you like this gadget and you’re interested in the refurbished option than you need to know that you can pick between many configuration variants; the first one that came into our eyes costs about $929 and it’s Dell Latitude Z600, remember?!

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