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Dell laptops are great as you could already observe from our numerous articles up to this moment. This time we’ve chosen to speak about these in general and here’s how you’re going to make a general idea concerning these great gadgets and maybe you’re going to buy one in the future period of time.

So let’s see…. How can we divide the Dell laptops? Well this is indeed a tricky question: there are the Inspiron Mini netbooks, the Inspiron notebooks, the Studio and Studio XPS laptops, Alienware gaming laptops and also there’s the Adamo line too. You’ll know the information needed to be known concerning every group and there won’t be any other questions from this moment on!

The Inspiron Mini netbooks are divided too into other subcategories, if they can be called in this way, there are the Mini 10 gadgets and we’re left with the Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition too.

dell inspiron mini 10

The Inspiron Mini 10 netbooks have a starting price of $279 and it can vary depending on the configuration you choose. These are really effective if you’re a person who is always on the run and doesn’t know what to do in order not to be bored anymore. You can find these mini laptops in several vibrant colors and the difference between these and the Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon Edition is the art design, and the exterior aspect.

Inspiron Mini Nickelodeon

With the classical variant you get an entire colored gadget and with this special edition you’ll get advantage of a nice looking patterns and lines, together with color combinations. Let’s also specify that if you’re not satisfied with the gadget being all blue you can apply for an art design for some extra dollars!

dell inspiron

In what concerns the Inspiron notebooks we’re presented them just some days before and we’re sure that you already know some of the components of this series: 11z, 13, 14, 15 and 17 and maybe you made your mind up on one of these, why not?!

The Dell Studio and Studio XPS gadgets include different types of gadgets, such as: 14, 14z, 15, 17, 17 Touch and XPS 16. all of these numbers and names of gadgets speak about the display size and some of these gadgets have at the basis the newest processors from Intel, which is kind of great, but the price will definitely get higher if we come to think of it.

Dell Studio XPS

The Alienware gadgets are very well known to you and these are gaming laptops that can be divided into M11x, M15x and M17x. all of them are great computing products with high technologies and the new Intel processors. No more to say: the price tells it all and also we recommend these to you, not only for the looks and games, but also for the proprieties that these have.

dell alienware

The Adamo line must be known by you up to this moment, but we’re still going to mention some things about it in order to have a general idea. This line has two subdivisions itself: Onyx and Pearl and these names are given by the finish. These mobile gadgets are ultra slim, easy to manage and carry around, robust construction and elegant and on top of all are the great technical features and the 13.4” display. So, haven’t you made your mind yet? What Dell suits you the most?

dell adamo

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