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Dell Latitude 13 business gadget

Dell presents us Dell Latitude 13, which is a delightful gadget made especially for satisfying the customer’s tastes! This notebook can be described as being: extremely thin and with good technical specs and on top of all, it has a great price!

Dell Latitude 13 seems to come and help all those that have a little business and need, of course the help of a mobile gadget, and remember, it’s not that expensive!

Let’s mention some things regarding the exterior aspect of this marvelous product: it made of aluminum and it’s really thin (about 0.65) and elegant with its silvery exterior! Besides its thin aspect, we want to mention its 1.52 kilos and this means that you can easily carry it around with you without having backaches! The silvery exterior is given by the stylish brushed-aluminum external lid, which offers power and protection against all the external harms that could be done!

The marvelous and clear 13.3” display will be at your help when you’ll try to create certain documents or even in the entertaining field. You’ll feel extra comfortable when you’ll see your favorite shows or simply write and do research.

Dell Latitude 13 business gadget2

Everything is much easier with the help of Intel processors, which are ultra-low-voltage. Let’s also mention that you’ll save power, when you do certain activities, and these processors are those that do that! O.k, you may be disappointed a little bit, because there isn’t an Intel i3, i5 or i7 processor, but it’s still the Intel Core 2 Duo: high reliability and helpful design.

If you have a workplace that means traveling all around the world or from a place to another, don’t worry! You can confidently take your Dell Latitude 13 gadget with you and connect to the Internet through WWAN mobile broadband. And speaking of connectivity, you have also Bluetooth and 802.11 g/n wireless LAN features that shouldn’t be forgot in the list of specs. Through using these types of connections you can always add the usage of the webcam with which you can talk to your business partners or make video conferences no matter where you find yourself!

Dell Latitude 13 business gadget3

You have also a full keyboard that will always help you in the business documents and applications! Everything is much easier as you can see!

Dell Latitude 13 helps you while you’re on the run and you want to have certain accomplishments! This gadget assures you that you won’t lose your deals or different applications; you can keep in touch with your partners and share new ideas!

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