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Dell Latitude 2100 notebook

Are you a student and want to take advantage of a mini laptop and also carry it with you at school? What you`re waiting for? Put away some money from your scholarship and by the new Dell Latitude 2100!


Dell Latitude 2100 notebook

This laptop has very nice features, like a line of funny named nuances (such as: School House Red or Ball Field Green) and also it has a wonderful keyboard on which your hands just slide on. The touchpad is also fine and it is just great to use even tough you haven`t got a mouse nearby!

This notebook has a 10.1 inch desktop that`s just marvelous in comparison with other notebooks, it doesn`t have a wonderful resolution but you can still watch some short episodes of Family Guy during the science class (isn`t it cool?)!

Dell Latitude 2100 has a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, video card and 1GB RAM and also the Intel 950 that has 128 MB of share memory.

And a thing that also needs to be mentioned: Dell has developed an antibacterial keyboard that can be bought for a couple of dollars.

When it comes to some money in plus, you can also buy a touch screen for this notebook if you are willing to give some dollars more.


Dell Latitude 2100 notebook

There are some other things that should be mentioned! Well, this laptop hasn`t got such a big memory, as mentioned above so you must buy yourself some space if you are a person that`s into school. This mini laptop has a 1.3Megapixel cam that is able to create clear images and very fast. Accordingly to how fast your speed internet is!

This notebook`s battery lasts about 5 hours and it has 6 cells, this variant with 6 is preferable because you may be a busy person and need it wherever you go (it also has a 3 cell variant)!

Although this laptop may seem expensive for some, you surely must think it`s worth the price because it has a high quality and just think of its aspect and how useful it could be to your projects! Admit it! This notebook is especially designed for you and for your needs! Think of how many varieties you have to pick from when we speak about colors… you have between Ball Field Green, Blue Ribbon, Chalckboard Black, School House Red and School Bus Gold! Isn`t it marvelous? Think of these aspects and talk with your friends and maybe they want one too, and you`ll get a discount!

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