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Dell Latitude Z review

When it comes to Dell gadgets we simply can’t help ourselves to talk about these. They are really great and it seems that there’s a notebook or laptops designed for all tastes and for everyone! We decided to make a review about Dell Latitude Z and we found some interesting things regarding it. So let’s take a peak and see…

It’s designed for business persons that are all day on the run. It’s described as the world’s thinnest 16” laptop and also very light in the same time. Beside the exquisite technical proprieties this laptop has a great design and it looks “delicious”. You’re going to do all your things with maximum efficiency and you have the wireless services and support office given by Dell Latitude family.

This laptop simply looks divine it’s so thin and light that you just can’t imagine!it’s half an inch thin and it weighs only 2 kilos. Thin aspect is only one of the great features regarding this gadget, it also inspires luxury from every inch possible, it’s so silky when you touch it, the external lid is glossy but not to much! Ok, don’t take a bite of it: it’s a mobile gadget you know, not a piece of cake! We were only joking you know…. Besides the external lid it has a silky-touch backlit keyboard, on which you’ll surely tap with pleasure because you won’t feel that you’re moving your fingers too much!

The 16” display has blacklight features, it’s high definition and it will surely be a pleasure to watch your favorite movies or to write your documents, because it’s so clear and has a great resolution. The display has also an optional Integrated 2MP autofocus webcam. Of course you want a webcam because you never know who are you going to talk with and want to share certain moments in your life….

You have a revolutionary LCD sensor (EdgeTouch) that permits you to customize application shortcuts.the touchpad is fit for every hand, place your fingers there and simply glide on it without having any problems: scrolling, zooming, rotating or browsing will be a piece of cake with this gadget and touchpad in particular.
You don’t need a scanner with Dell Latitude Z, just place the document in front of your webcam and it will be easily copied and scanned. As you can see Dell makes it easier for you…. Besides this function, the webcam helps your gadget to be password protected with the smart personalized security! You know the Dell Face Aware Lock-out feature that recognizes your figure and permits the gadget to open safely!

There are all the reasons to buy this gadget and you can find it at medium price, it’s not too expensive or cheap: $1,799! Correlate the price with the features and you’ll see that it is worth buying ….

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