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Dell netbooks can be taken into account as well if you want to buy an interesting gadget that is really great looking in the same time and it offers amazing feedback. Of course, you’re not going to find as many examples here as in the cases of Asus or Acer, because there you observed many suggestions and examples from which you can take yours.

We would like you to take into account two Dell netbooks, which are really effective and great looking in the same time, but this will be observed in the lines to come.

We start with the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1018) netbook that looks really fine and thin in the same time and it can be encountered around the price of $300. We’re speaking about a lightweight netbook that is really great to be considered and you can be sure that you’re going to be connected all the times with your friends and relatives.

This particular gadget is ideal for those who are always on the run and we’re certain that they’re going to enjoy it in case you really end up with purchasing it.

The battery life resistance of this laptop goes up to almost 7 hours and 18 minutes and this seems more than enough in case you’re on the run. And speaking about being on the run, you can be sure that with the compact and lightweight design everything is going to be easy.

Store all the files and applications you want because it’s possible with the 250GB HDD and in case this doesn’t seem enough to you, making space is possible as well.

The 92% full size keyboard is really easy to use and you won’t encounter any difficulties whenever it comes to using it and tapping on the buttons.

Inspiron Mini 10 (1018) Netbook

The next Dell netbook we want you to take into account is the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1012) that can be encountered around the price of $470.

This particular laptop has a battery life resistance of 9.5 hours and this means that you can carry it with you in all the places you intend on going without encountering any difficulties. There’s also the Hi-def widescreen display option that needs to be mentioned as well as the HD video viewing with Broadcom Crystal HD media accelerator.

How about enjoying TV live? Well, it’s possible with this laptop and you can get live local broadcast TV with the help of the digital TV tuner option.

Inspiron Mini 10 (1012) Netbook

The optical disk drive is also great to be used and not many netbooks have this feature so enjoy it as much as you can- get fully advantage of its features.

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