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Dell Precision M4500 Mobile Workstation

We were speaking about workstations previously and it would be a nice idea to take them into account once again…. Here’s how we would like to continue with some examples that are going to definitely enchant you and these come directly from Dell.

We’re speaking about the Dell Precision M4500 Mobile Workstation that needs to be taken into account first of all. This one has a starting price of $1,788 and we’re certain that after reading this review you’re going to realize why does it have this starting price and why do we highlight that it deserves every little penny.

Dell Precision M4500 Mobile Workstation

This one has a 15.6” display that we’re certain is going to be effective every time you want to watch a movie or simply do your daily activities of working. Let’s also add that you’re going to get advantage of the most demanding applications and this is definitely something that can be considered as being a big plus.

There’s also the Intel Core i7 processor that stays at the basis and we’re sure that you’re going to receive all the amount of power that you need with its help and more than that, you can relate on it no matter how hard you consider the tasks to be and even if these are multiple. There’s also the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system that will definitely not involve any difficulties when it comes to being used.

Dell Precision M4500 Mobile Workstation 3

There’s also the NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800N graphics that we consider to be a great feature and you can be certain that it’s going to offer you gorgeous visuals and stuff like that.

The SSD MiniCard will definitely bring a fresh touch to this laptop and it brings additional performance when it comes to the data storage and we’re definite that you’re going to observe just how great these features are….

When it comes to compatibility and stuff like that, you can be certain that it’s going to bring the power that you need and it’s compatible with the Dell Latitude E family.

Besides the fact that you can use this laptop in all the activities you need, you can definitely rely on this laptop when it comes to other fields, and be certain that you’re going to see how just great does it act when it comes to using it in no matter what domain you want. The 1GB of dedicated graphics memory tells you just how gorgeous and effective this laptop is.

Dell Precision M4500 Mobile Workstation 2

We forgot to mention the fact that besides the Intel Core i7 option of processor, there’s also the Intel Core i5 option as well as the Intel Core i7 Quad Extreme Edition that you can apply for and it’s going to offer you the right amount of power that you need.

The 15.6” display is type Adobe Color Gamuts RGB LED display and you can rely on it when it comes to high resolution and the fact that you can get advantage of all its gorgeous features.

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