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Dell refurbished netbooks

We all love how the netbooks look like and most of all we appreciate the fact that they’re really easy to be carried around and to use. Leaving all these things behind we want you to know about this great thing: on the official Dell store you can find refurbished variants of such gadgets (and not only) and you can choose them in no matter what colors you like and models, because this thing is possible too!

So we start presenting you the gadgets that can be found in the outlet store in great prices and in their basic configurations. We start with the Inspirion Mini 9 netbooks that have 8.9” displays and are really light and compact and ideal for those persons that are always on the go and absolutely need their gadget with them.

The Inspiron 9 netbooks have customizable and dynamic user interface and also let’s mention that these can have a battery life resistance that is up to four hours and this is definitely a thing that is really important and you need to know it in case you’re a person that usually travels by plane.

Inspirion Mini 9

Next on our list is the Inspiron Mini 10 (or Inspiron 1012) with a 10.1”display and 16:9 aspect ratio. These can be found also in a refurbished variant on the official site of Dell and let’s mention also that this one has optional Bluetooth connections, location-aware GPS and Ethernet.

The most incredible thing about this gadget is the fact that it can have up to 9.5 hours of battery life resistance and let’s also mention that it’s really lightweight besides what we’ve specified up to this moment. Another thing is the fact that you can change its basic color with a design or in another color tone (it depends on your personal preference).

Inspirion Mini 10

There’s also the Dell 10v that has a keyboard especially resized in order for your typing process to feel great. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the multi-touch track pad and the Wi-Fi; let’s not forget also about the lightweight features, which are important as well.

Dell 10v

Next in our list of suggestions for the Inspiron Mini netbooks in refurbished form is the Inspiron Mini 12 that has a 12.1” display, with advanced wireless options that are ideal in case you’re a person that likes to hang around a lot and you’re also on the run almost always. There’s also the customizable and dynamic interface and the fact that these have extended battery life permits you to carry your gadget all around the places you intend on going.

Inspiron Mini 12

There are numerous variants in which you can buy yourself a great gadget, be it new, second hand or refurbished; in this case, we presented you some refurbished gadgets from Dell that can be found in the outlet store on this brand’s official site. Good luck in finding out what’s the appropriate mobile computer for you!

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