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Dell special laptop offer

Dell has the finest deals for its consumers as well…. at least, that’s what we could observe from entering the official page. We’ve stumbled over a nice offer that it’s available only today and it seems that every day you can observe discounts like this one.

So, we’re speaking about the Dell Studio XPS 16, which has been a topic of discussions for many of our reviews. This time we’re speaking about a special offer and that’s we took into account. It’s a gorgeous laptop and we’re certain that you’re going to enjoy reading about it pretty much and we already know that you have a general idea in what it concerns.

Dell Studio XPS 16 2

This particular laptop has an interesting configuration as well: it has at the basis the Intel Core i7 processor. this  particular feature is going to make your laptop run in a very gorgeous manner, in fact you’re not even going to feel it running, multitasking and other stuff like that won’t seem a problem…. Indeed, it sounds pretty nice with this strong and brand new processor as basis. Besides the configuration with the Intel Core i7, there’s also the variant in which you can apply for an Intel Core i5 processor. No matter on what you decide, the things that you’re going to obtain can’t be compared to any other computing experience.

We omitted to mention the most important thing of them all: the price. Well, the price that you can purchase this laptop at is $1249.99 and with a $319 saving. If you purchase it only, the laptop is going to include a Blu-ray player.

Dell Studio XPS 16 5

Let’s also add something else in order not to scare you: the fact that you can hurry up, but not too much, because the offer ends on the 26th of August and this means that there’s some extra time left.

The other technical features that we want to mention about to refer to relate to the ATI Graphics, which will do wonders when it comes to your laptop and how gorgeous it’s going to work, you’re going to see the difference immediately.

Dell Studio XPS 16 3

Also, here and there on the surface of this laptop you can observe leather accents and the backlit keyboard will be useful during the night time, when the surrounding light won’t help you anymore.

There’s also a variant that has a 15.6” LED backlit display or a 16” RGBLED one. You choose what exact variant of laptop you would like to buy!

Dell Studio XPS 16 4

The other things that we need to offer to you: the fact that it has a Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and the sound features are great as well. We specified the graphics type, but there’s also the size that we didn’t add and it’s 1GB.

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