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Dell Studio 14z review

That’s what we love about Dell gadgets: you have from where to choose from! For example we like that the Studio 14z notebooks can be found in a great range of colors and we like to get advantage of this things. But first let’s make a review on these gadgets and see what is so great about them, shouldn’t we?

So, these gadgets seem to highlight your personal style and you know better that it is said that colors say much about your personality! These petite gadgets will help you every time you have a problem and you’ll definitely want to carry them with you everywhere you go….

Some basic features regarding these gadgets? Well you’re going to be able to listen to your favorite tunes and music with the 4-watt 2.0 SRS audio and really fine tweeters. You can also charge their batteries with the USB or eSATA port. Simply as saying pie, isn’t it? What do you have to say about the 14” display?

Dell Studio 14z2

This is another great feature too! You can have also the 8 cell battery, which is optional and guarantees you up to 6 hours of life resistance for your mobile computer…. Another thing that’s optional is the external optical drive. These are only some general features regarding these pretty colored gadgets….

You already know the conditions: depending on the configuration you choose you can have different starting prices. Up until now there are three basic starting prices: $599, $749 and $849. For all of these gadgets there is the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, this is the thing these have in common! Another thing is the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and the 14” display we’ve already mentioned above.

Dell Studio 14z3

Some differences consist in the memory size, while some have 3 GB shared dual channel DDR3 other have 5GB. The hard drive is another difference: some have 250GB SATA HD and other have double GB SATA HD. The video card is NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G for all the 14z and there is the same antivirus software for all….

Dell Studio 14z4

So you have from where to pick from! There are 5 marvelous and vivid colors and an intense black! All of the Studio 14z models have the Dell logo on the external lid and everybody will certainly admire your great looking gadget. You have a marvelous pink, which is not too spicy, an intense red or a vibrant yellow color at your disposition.

Dell Studio 14z5

There’s also the classical black, a dark blue and a refined purple. So as you can see it’s enough room for everyone…. With this line all tastes will be satisfied and you’ll definitely find a matching Studio 14z notebook, be sure of that!

If these products inspired you then go ahead: buy one! We told you about the starting prices and you can buy them from the Dell official site! Order them online and you’ll receive your mobile gadget very soon!

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