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Dell Studio XPS 16

Here’s a great product from Dell, which we forgot to mention up until now! It’s no problem, because we give you an interesting review over it! We’re talking about the Studio XPS 16 laptop and we think that it’s really interesting as a model! You can do so many things with it, stuff like: watching movies, programming, use it for multimedia purposes, browse on the Internet, research, work, research or software development. So many things with a tiny gadget! So, we caught your attention let’s continue with some features regarding this gadget….

So this gadget has an Intel Core i7 processor, which permits you to multi-task without encountering any problems and you’ll create wonderful media files, but not only! You can do many things with this gadget and you’ll remain impressed by its skills, you can be sure of that! Other features regard the 1080p HD support and the ATI graphics.

Dell Studio XPS 162

The 15.6” LED or 16” RGBLED display offers you great multimedia experience and you can be sure that it will offer you vivid images and colors! It’s a strong display and you can be sure that you’ll feel like a part of the movie you’re watching and the game you’re playing.

Staying connected all day long or even all night long seems a piece of cake with the Dell Studio XPS 16. And why is that? Probably because you have the keyboard and touch pad lighted every time it’s necessary! So there’s no need of turning on the lights if you have the necessity of working with your gadget.

Dell Studio XPS 163

Besides the things we’ve mentioned before, there’s also the need of telling that this laptop has also a refined aspect! It can be found in three great tones: black, silver or merlot red. There’s a nice combination between the genuine leather and the aluminum accents that says all about this gadget! All in all, you have to admit that it is also great looking, besides all the great things already mentioned about it!

Dell Studio XPS 164

Seeing your favorite movies or listening to your favorite tunes will be unique with this gadget, because it has an integrated subwoofer and 5.1 Dolby Digital output.

The integrated webcam assures marvelous discussions with your friends and closest ones, once you’ve applied for using the Wi-Fi feature in the same time! We think like there’s no need of mentioning all the ports that this marvelous gadget has, is it?

Dell Studio XPS 165

Only great things as you can see and depending on the configuration you choose the price may vary! The starting price is $969, so good luck if you choose to buy this gadget! Make sure you pick the greatest configuration!

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