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Dell Vostro 3700 laptop

Besides the last Vostro model we decided to present to you, we would like to speak about another Dell laptop, namely the Vostro 3700, which is another nice laptop model. This gadget has a starting price of $679 and depending on the configuration you pick it can cost much more than that!

This gadget’s basic features regard an Intel Core i7 Quad-Core processor, up to 1 GB discrete graphics, a 17.3” display. All these aspects assure you that you’re going to receive the best results, maybe better than a desktop PC.
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The Intel Core i7 Quad-Core processor will help you to multi-task without having any problems, let’s not forget that you have also a Windows 7 operating system that assures that you can handle easily all the data and whatever you intend on doing on this gadget. Let’s not forget that this laptop has up to 6 GB of DDR3 memory, which can be considered a wonderful thing.

Space won’t be a problem to you! You have four YSB ports, one eSATA combo, HDMI and VGA ports. These essential things have all the room possible.
Uploading and downloading applications and files from your gadgets is piece of cake with the 2.0 USC ports, the optical drive that is integrated, the 8-in-1 media card reader, let’s not forget also about the ExpressCard and IEEE 1394 options.

There’s also a numeric keypad, which most of you may need and browse for every time you search for a laptop or notebook. There’s also a gesture-enabled touchpad and optional backlit in case there isn’t enough light in the room. The keyboard is spill resistant and you won’t have any problems in using it. It is ultra resistant and you just can feel how your fingers slide on it.

There’s also a security solution in which there is a fingerprint reader included and you can be certain that your data is protected and perfectly saved.

The 2.0 MP webcam can be useful in your video conferences and all the discussions you want to do virtually speaking. You have also two stereo speakers and a digital microphone that will certainly be helpful when you use the built-in accessories.

The 17.3” display offers you vivid images and a great aspect and let’s not forget that it also has up to 1 GB of NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics.

Image credits: Dell.com

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