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Dell Vostro V160

Want a laptop that looks smart and in the same time works smart? Well, it seems that Dell has the right solution for you, namely the Dell Vostro V130 laptop, which is really interesting looking in the same time and about the other features and applications you’re going to read in the lines to come.

So, this gadget has a starting price around $430 and we think that this is more than convenient – it’s extra cheap and you get it around this price brand new.

Let’s also mention that this gadget is an award winning one and all of this due to the design – the gadget is really light and slim and it has a gorgeous featherweight profile that assures one that it can be carried in all the places you intend on going.

So, the Dell Vostro V130 laptop is really thin and in the same time it has an aluminum body that enchases in it the Intel Core ultra – low voltage processors, which are going to deliver power and in the same time it permits you to easily use this gadget all day long.

With this gadget you also have lots of freedom while you’re on the run, with the 13.3” WLED display you can observe and enjoy lots of movies and all of these in vivid colors. There’s also the Bluetooth 3.0 feature which we’re certain you’re going to love using pretty much and it delivers full communications suite. As for the Dell DataSafe feature it makes sure you have online recovery and backup and you get easy protection for all your business data. But our review concerning the Dell Vostro V160 laptop doesn’t end here….

Besides the gorgeous 13.3” display that we just mentioned about you also have to know about the full – size keyboard as well as the spacious touchpad which are really easy to apply for and you’re not going to regret taking these into account.

The wireless features are also great and easy to be taken into account, there’s the wireless technology, the optional user accessible SIM card slot and let’s not forget to mention about the 4G network through WiMax.

Dell Vostro V160

Multitasking will seem an interesting thing to do and really effective with the Windows 7 operating system, unlike the other gadgets in which you seem to stumble into problems whenever it comes to multitasking. Also, this will be increased by the powerful features at the basis, like the Intel Core i5 processor and the 4GB of DDR3.

Maintain video conferences and calls with your friends or business partners, because this will definitely seem a gorgeous thing to do with the help of the built – in 2MP webcam.

It seems that you’ve got all the reasons in this world to apply for this gadget and in the same time we have to add that the Dell Vostro V160 is indeed a gorgeous laptop and really good to be taken into account!

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