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Dell’s involvement in the educational system

As it’s a very encountered trend today between the big brands of our world to involve in education and things relating it, Dell does the same thing and it’s a big plus, because technology is very important in the learning processes and not only!

The basic idea for this brand is that it wants to stimulate learning through technology and it should help the two major sides: teachers and students. Students that learn throughout technology in their classrooms should start to do the same thing at home. They shouldn’t consider their gadgets meant only for fun or different such activities, they should really consider using laptops and computers in their learning activity.

Dell has thought of several methods of increasing the learning performance on all sides. The brand has worked really close with the educators and also be sure that all the involved parts will have to gain from this deal: teachers, educators and the schools.

Dell has given some gadget names and has shared the utility of each one and for what they’re meant for; and here you have them: the Latitude 2100 netbook that will be really helpful in all the kid’s needs, the Latitude E-Series laptop is designed especially for the older students, those from high-schools in particular, and the Latitude XT2 tablet that will help the teachers explain to the pupils and students the things that they need to know. Other gadgets feature the interactive white boards and wireless slates that provoke students to write and use their imaginary memory and there are also the student response systems that make the students interact and highlight their performance.

Dell Latitude 2100

Dell Latitude 2100

Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet

Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet

Besides the tools mentioned above, Dell also specifies some software products that will certainly be at help in the classrooms and during the classes! It’s much easier now with the Dell ideas and not only Dell, let’s admit it! All the brands have good ideas and we want to see them become reality very soon! It’s easy for both sides: teachers and students! They can learn really fast and in a pleasurable manner…. And here you have them listed: Adobe Digital School Collection, Discovery Education and Britannica Online. The Discovery Education feature changes the entire ambient and teachers will be certainly helped. With the Britannica Online both teachers and students are helped and be sure that at the end of the classes, the students will talk appropriate to their age or even at a higher level….

Dell offers other great possibilities through: Dell’s Private Cloud Computing solution that permits you to connect with the classroom from anywhere you like, the next suggestion is the dell Mobile Computing Station that offers you the possibility of changing options when you’re at school and even after you finish the classes. The last hint is the Mediatech Control System that regards audio or visual equipment…

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