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Dell’s new line of laptops and improved gadgets

What does Dell offer to us in the year that has just begun? A few days ago Dell announced some really good news and this news regards those that want the best gaming laptop, which has great reliability and it`s easy to walk around with and also “reinvented” Studio, Inspiron and Alienware systems with new processors (Intel Core i3, i5 and i7).

The future gadgets were presented to the partners, bloggers and journalists. What are everybody`s expectations? Handy and powerful products, to be easily carried around and with refined qualities! Between its new products that are especially made for the buyers` needs are: the already well known Inspiron PC category (with the incorporation of the new Intel Core i5 prcossors and feature also Tubo Boost proprieties), Alienware M11x ( maybe the strongest gaming gadget that exists in our days, 11”, easy to be carried around and very powerful in the same time, with great technical proprieties), a renewal of the Studio 14 laptop( made especially for those who enjoy a laptop experience with multitasking without problems).

If you want to take advantage of one of these products you need to take some money out of your pockets. For example, if you`re willing to buy Alienware M17x or M15x the starting price is about $1,400 without $1 for M15x and $1800 without $1 for M17x. M17x is a powerful gaming laptop, which features a 17” display. It has also an Intel Core i7 processor that combines with dual graphics and gives extraordinary HD resolutions. M15x super HD video proprieties and 3D animation reveal the fact that it`s one of the best gaming laptops from our days. We can`t say this thing only about M15x, but also about M17x and M11x.

M11x is that gaming laptop that shows you can get the qualities of a 15” display in a laptop with an 11”display. If you`re willing to buy this product, you`ll certainly get advantage of its great gaming proprieties no matter where you are and you go (HD 720p resolution)!

The Inspiron 14, 15 and 17 are reevaluated and given better proprieties than before! These laptops are perfect if you`re a person on the run (thinner chassis and HD displays 16:9) and you`re interested in such a product, here are some prices: Inspiron with turbo charged Intel Core i5 processor starting from the price of $849 and another variant that has an intel Core i3 processor will appear at the end of January at the starting price of $569.

As you can see Dell has begun this year with fresh powers and offers only great things for those consumers that apply for ultra proprieties and technology! The inspiration for these products are the consumers that want to get advantage of the virtual features any time and can rely on their gadgets they just bought!

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