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Dell’s partnership with the Global Fund

It seems that this month red is trendy and it has always been in this way, it’s the color of Christmas and happiness in the same time and if you combine it with white then it means that the image is complete – here’s your Christmas.

Dell has applied for adding red covers to their notebooks generally, not only this month and if you like your gadget red then it means that this one is just suitable for you. Dell has involved itself in a partnership with the Global Fund as to help eradicate the AIDS in Africa. As you can observe it’s a noble cause and in the same time both sides end up winning – you and the brand. You, purchasing the Dell Red gadget and ending up with a really efficient gadget and the big brand, which is going to sponsor this cause – for a better world….
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With you involving in this “movement” the number of babies who are born with AIDS is going to be equal by 2015. As you can observe this is a long term partnership and throughout the time it’s going to become more and more popular. Why not applying for this product as long as you do it for a noble cause and in the same time you won’t do a really big effort.

Dell's partnership with the Global Fund

The entire contribution, your contribution is going to be invested in the HIV/AIDS treatment prevention and besides this there will be some other education programs in Africa, which are going to seem really useful as well. The situation is simple and in the same time it doesn’t involve much effort from your side.

So, what kinds of laptops are made in red? In other words what exact laptops are Dell Red? Well, first of there’s the Dell XPS laptop – online fun, games, music, movies…. This is one of the products for which you can apply for and if you purchase it you’re going to help proved about 11 days of medication for a living being with HIV from Africa and in the same time you’re going to be able to save a life. You know pretty well the display size for this gadget, don’t you? It’s 15” and we think that it’s more than enough.

The next Dell Red product we want to mention about and you have to know is the Dell Mini 10. With such a gadget you’re going to be able to stay connect all day long with your world in almost any spot you encounter yourself. And of course, if you buy it the situation stays the same – you help a life!

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