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Different cheap laptops

Cheap laptops again…. Here’s how we want to share with you some interesting examples that are really gorgeous looking in the same time and their price is magnificent, because we always want to please you and share with you only the most convenient examples in such a manner that you’re going to end up with the right solution.

Here’s how we start with the Dell Studio 1555 laptop that has a 15.6” HD display that is gorgeous for home use and for outer use as well. You can be sure that with a tiny gadget like this one you’re not going to get bored or regret applying for it. Another thing is that you’re going to love it from the first instant, at least if we share with you the starting price of this gadget, which is $869.99.

Dell Studio 1555

This one has an Intel processor at the basis with a speed of 2.1GHz, there’s also the Intel graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD that we want to mention about and the integrated webcam that is ideal whenever we’re speaking of video calling and stuff like that. The wireless features are ideal to be used whenever you want to and it doesn’t matter where you are. So, you’ve got all the reasons in this world to apply for this laptop as you can observe….

Dell Studio 1555 2

The next cheap laptop that we want to mention about is the Asus N61Jq that is really interesting looking and it’s definitely a product worth taking into account. This one is ideal for being used in the household instead of a normal desktop replacement and you can also apply for taking it with you in all the places you go and use it as a travelling companion.

Asus N61Jq

So, we would like to start first of all with mentioning that this one has a starting price of $1,135.69. The Intel processor will turn out to be really effective with the speed of 1.73GHz, also there’s the DDR3 RAM technology that you have to know about. The 16” display is great for watching movies and all kinds of applications and the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system makes sure you’re going to get advantage off al the strong applications and features that you can possibly use and all of these things while you’re on the run….

Asus N61Jq 2

Asus N61Jq 3

You’re not going to encounter any difficulties if you apply for one of these cheap laptops and be sure that you’re going to love using them. We totally recommend you one of these and we think that their price is in perfect coordination with all the features and applications that it has to offer.

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