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Disney Netpal by Asus

Are you a person that lives still in his or her childhood, or you simply want to make your kid happy?! Well, it seems that we’ve got just the right solution for you and it’s the Disney Netpal by Asus. With this gadget computing will be safe, fun and easy, so you don’t have anything to worry about….

We start with telling you some general ideas concerning this gorgeous gadget: it has the Windows XP Home operating system, the graphic menus which are really to use, and the robust content that permits you or your child to have a great web experience, which is safe in the same time. And the general features and proprieties don’t end here, there are some others: like the fact that you can see on the desktop designs and themes that are inspired especially from the Disney characters, also there’s the hardware that includes the spill – resistant keyboard.

The Netpal is a gadget that is very fun to be carried around, all its applications, games and features are especially designed for kids and be sure that your child won’t get bored anymore. Also, it’s really easy to be handled and let’s also mention that the little one will live a web-safe experience, fact that is just great.

On the front side you can observe the webcam lens that is designed in Mickey-shaped format, also you can find this stunning gadget in two designs: the Magic Blue that is inspired by the Mickey Mouse character and you can see how there are displayed rows of miniature Mickey, the other design is the Princess Pink that has Disney Princess-inspired graphics.

The Disney Desktop is a feature that permits the little one to dress a simple desktop with themes from Disney Pixar’s or Disney’s characters. Just think of the great range of characters from which they can choose: Cars, Disney Classic Characters, Disney Princess, Club Penguin, Disney Fairy, Vintage Mickey Mouse, Wall-E, Toy Story, Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana.


This netbook has applications that are designed especially for kids: there’s the Disney Mix that manages your media, the Disney Pix that helps you create or edit picture, as well as the Radio Disney that will make sure you won’t get bored in any moment. Games can be stored in this mini laptop, because there’s enough space and this is why we offer a big plus for this thing.

Disney Mix Central



The Disney Mix helps you create a playlist and unite all your favorite tunes together, the Disney Pix helps you create photo albums and modify pictures, activity that isn’t boring at all.

We were mentioning some words about the spill-proof keyboard that protects your keys from being wet in case it happens for you to spill something on them; the ShockShield Data Protection makes sure that your gadget doesn’t loose any data if it happens for you to drop it. There’s also the long battery life that permits you to use your gadget all day long and the multi-touch touchpad which is great in case you have clumsy fingers.

Robust Content Permission Features 1

Robust Content Permission Features 2

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