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Fujitsu and Canon collaboration

Yesterday Canon and Fujitsu announced the fact they’re going to unite their forces into creating computing-based managed services for printing and for other IT equipment. This is a wonderful thing, we all know that these two brands have cooperated some times before…

The consumers will get an integrated package of solutions, be sure of that! Just think: Fujitsu that has that wonderful IT system and Canon brand with print management and operations technologies! The result will certainly be great.

It is better known that Canon and Fujitsu have collaborated before in creating different sistem, like Internet-based remote maintenance deals for different printers and multi-task office systems, and let’s not forget about the license for Canon products…

Fujitsu DPK890 Printer

Although the market seems to be stuffed with different products, Canon and Fujitsu closed the deal and agreed to create different products in the field of managed services for IT equipment and printers. There will be a nice mixture between Canon Managed Document Services and Fujitsu’s Workplace LCM Services in order to obtain wonderful results! By this nice collaboration of the two well-known brands there is expected a one-stop delivery of high-quality, elegant and easy to use products like multi-function equipments, different printers and IT products!

With this collaboration the brands also want to help the environment. Let’s mention that it will exist a similar point between the two companies. You’ll be able to find news about this collaboration and the products that are offered to you via Internet! There is a need of creating better products at reduced prices, with these results both of the brands want to offer a helping hand to the environment and security!

The project begins from March and Canon Marketing Japan together with Fujitsu will offer their services to medium and large size companies in Japan also obtaining more and more clients as the time passes! This project is expected to increase globally speaking and these brands will offer great products concerning the need of the customers.

Canon's super digi-TV printer

So as you can see both Fujitsu and Canon have great plans for the future times! this is a wonderful thing and the customers will be very curious to know what’s being planned for them and how does the price relate to quality. Although mentioned before that the brands want to create products that have high-quality and low price, but we all know this is rather impossible! It is very hard to find a great product with a low price, maybe impossible if we’re a little bit machiavellic!

In order to see if the promises are finalized we only have to wait and see what it is going to happen! The plan starts in March, but it is going to extend in several years! We’ll wait and see!

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