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Fujitsu and PRIMERGY family

Yesterday Fujitsu announced the fact that the PRIMERGY dual-socket x86 server family is going to be available; it’s a fine combination of service offerings, efficient hardware and also hints for comprehensive scenarios for virtualization.

This family has under its “arm” the PRIMERGY TX300 S6 tower server, PRIMERGY RX300 S6 rack servers, PRIMERGY RX200 S6, PRIMERGY BX920 S2 blade server and also the new PRIMERGY BX922 S2 blade server. In fact, this line isn’t new at all, it has been renewed and it has the Intel Xeon Processor 5600 series (32nm processors – also known as Westmere).

With this new line (the PRIMERGY generation of x86 dual-socket servers) Fujitsu brings improvements in an already existing family and it only wants to offer great power. In other words, one can obtain the highest capacity of a gadget with the lowest power consumption ever. You can observe only how the strong power is combined with the great processing power of the Intel Xeon Processor 5600 series.

Also, Fujitsu’s Cool-safe engineering technology blends perfectly with the ServerView Power Management capacities. The effect? Saving energy with less power consumption and also the costs will be reduced too. And we take a quote in order to understand the brand’s goal “with the next-generation Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers, you can do more with less”.

As you can see Fujitsu makes everything easy for you and we just can’t wait to hear some opinions regarding this new family of accessories. We all need product to work at their highest capacities and to use as less power as possible. It seems that the great brands cope nicely with the things that we want and offer them to us directly.

Depending on the model you want delivery will take a couple of days. For further information you can access Fujitsu’s official site fujitsu.com and you’ll see all the details needed regarding this interesting topic.

You are also offered some extra links that come and give you extra information regarding the TX300 S6, RX200 S6, RX300 S6 and BX922. We hope that you enjoy these pieces of information as much as we did and we’re expecting for some opinions concerning this piece of news. We like the way that Fujitsu designs all its products and we’re expecting some new products from this great brand. Throughout history you saw what a boom this brand has encountered and it can be found through the largest enterprises worldwide.

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