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Fujitsu LifeBook AH530

Here’s how we continue with offering you some other examples and this one stays as well under the great brand Fujitsu. We’re speaking about the Fujitsu LifeBook AH530 notebook that is an interesting gadget and it can be used as a perfect desktop replacement. This one has a starting price of $699, which seems more than convenient for us.

The Intel Core i3 processor will turn out to be really useful in every thing that you intend on doing! Indeed, it’s a great feature concerning this laptop and we’re sure that you’re going to do all the things you want to with its help. Multitasking won’t seem a problem anymore and you can do a lot of multimedia applications and features without even getting nervous as you used to….

The Windows 7 Home Premium operating system is quite effective in your daily applications and everything will be used in a much easier manner and we hope that you consider it in this way. If you have any problems or questions these have solutions and you will receive your answers only by a single click.
The 15.6” Crystal View WXGA HD display is great for your daily activities and all the things you intend on doing. If you work, you’re going to enjoy doing it, multitasking being easy, everything will seem a piece of cake and we’re sure that you won’t get disappointed in case you decide to purchase this gadget.

The Intel HD graphics has up to 1.6GB of shared memory and this is more than you need. All the things seem to push you to purchase this marvelous gadget and we definitely recommend it to you. Another great thing concerning this laptop relates to the 4GB DDR3 and 500 GB SATA HDD.

The dual layer multi format DVD writer helps you burn CDs and DVDs and store all the data and applications on these accessories we’ve just mentioned about.

Another thing that we would want to mention about is the integrated webcam that will turn out to be really useful every time you have video conferences with your friends or business partners. The digital microphone has an important role in this procedure as well.

There’s also the HDMI input that offers you a helping hand when it comes to the entertainment field. Just think of it in this way: you’re going to sit back and enjoy a great movie on a large screen with your friends in your living room and this is definitely a pleasant thing.

The 15.6” Wide Crystal View display delivers high contrast and offers you bright and rich colors in the same time….

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