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Fujitsu LifeBook E780

We continue with offering some other options for desktop replacements and here you have another example that comes from Fujitsu, to be more specific we’re speaking about the Fujitsu LifeBook E780 notebook with a starting price at 1,259.

To summarize in order to have a general idea let’s mention some things that you really have to know concerning this laptop: it has the Windows 7 Professional operating system, it’s ideal to be used by business people and professional ones, also let’s mention that it has a 15.6” Crystal View HD display that is ideal for projects and multitasking, there’s also the NVIDIA GeForce with available graphics memory of 1GB, it’s very flexible for computing on the run and there’s also the Fingerprint recognition feature that is definitely useful in the things you intend on doing.

Fujitsu LifeBook E780

Of course, you can change certain things in this laptop’s configuration and you can make these accordingly to your preferences, these are standard features that we’re talking about.

So, the Intel Core i5 processor is ideal when it comes to multitasking and getting advantage of a powerful gadget. You can definitely do so many things with this gadget’s help that you just can’t imagine, besides the projects and applications for work you can definitely play games and use this gadget for multimedia features.

The Windows 7 Professional operating system is more than useful when it comes to easy applications and working fast. This one won’t involve any problems when it comes to using it and you can definitely be sure that no question marks will be raised anymore.

Fujitsu LifeBook E780 2

The 15.6” Crystal View HD LED backlit display is great every time you want to work on your gadget, but also it shows vivid images and videos from movies, videos and so on. As you can observe there are only great things to be mentioned about this laptop up to this moment.

The built-in webcam is great when it comes to maintaining video conferences and stuff like that. you can keep in touch with your partners and this will definitely be a great thing!

Fujitsu LifeBook E780 3

The Intel HD graphics shows its best and you won’t get disappointed of this laptop with all the great features concerning it. Another great thing that you have to know about concerns the 2 GB DDR3, also the 320 GB SATA and the dual layer multi format DVD that will help you to burn DVDs and CDs. Did we convince you yet that this laptop is really useful and powerful? Well, you should think of this because it is indeed in this way and if you don’t like this particular one there are other examples to come.

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