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Fujitsu LifeBook S760

Thin and light laptops are a good variant for those that are always on the run and need their gadget next to them all the time. In fact these are the main features that one needs when it comes to a laptop that needs to be carried all around the places you go. We have a suggestion for such a laptop and it’s the Fujitsu LifeBook S760, which we want you to apply for in case you’re looking for such a gadget.

So, this laptop is just great when it comes to computing on the run and it has a starting price of $1,319, but you can find it in other price options depending on the configuration you apply for.

Fujitsu LifeBook S760 2

The first aspect we want to mention about relates to the Genuine Windows 7 Professional operating system that isn’t going to involve any problems when it comes to its usage. It’s a great feature and you’re going to definitely enjoy pleasant moments while you’re using it.

The Intel Core i5 processor is going to be ideal when it comes to multitasking, playing games and other entertainment activities. This processor type has the Turbo Boost feature and you’re definitely going to experience an amazing thing with its help.

Besides the Windows 7 Professional operating system that we’ve just mentioned about let’s also specify about the Microsoft Office Ready Pc with the Microsoft Office Professional 2007, which are going to be useful in every thing you intend on doing.

There’s the integrated Intel HD graphics, which is definitely going to be useful every time you want to get advantage of the multimedia features and not only.

The 13.3” WXGA HD display is great for watching movies and parallel activities, we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy this gadget pretty much. Besides the things mentioned up to this moment another thing that we need to mention about relates to the integrated webcam that is going to be really nice every time you want to maintain video conferences and stuff like that.

Fujitsu LifeBook S760 3

The 2GB DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM sound nice as well, because you’re going to get advantage of multitasking applications and things similar to it. The 320GB of HDD will be useful when it comes to storing all your applications, folders and so on…. Be sure that this is going to be more than enough for your files.

There’s the dual layer multi format DVD writer, which is going to be really helpful when it comes to burning CDs and DVDs and let’s admit it!

The 6 cell battery is going to be pretty useful when we’re speaking about the battery life and your gadget’s life in the same time.

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