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Fujitsu offers wireless experience in the remotest places ever

Fujitsu has promised some time ago that the wireless module product range will be taken over and it will make its way on the European market! It sounds good, but let’s see practically what does this mean…. But let’s see first what are the fields of business of the Fujitsu Components Europe! This company takes care of sales, marketing and the other aspects of the IT and everything surrounding this area in the European region, Middle East and also Africa. Its headquarters can be found in The Netherlands and also has other small ones in the entire European continent!

Practically Fujitsu will give Bluetooth, GPS, WLAN and also WLAN/Bluetooth mixtured modules, which can used even the harshest areas, near the mountains and remote places, with the help of an ultra-wide band antenna. Let’s not forget that this company makes the wireless experience a great one and it can be maintained and supported with the ultra-wide band. The high quality of this company’s services is given by the wonderful features of WLAN, with assistance in case you need help and it also makes the wireless experience a great one and easily to use.

And speaking about WLAN, let’s mention some great features about this part. This module for integrated aplications can apply to Windows CE, ITRON or even Linux operating systems and the processors used can be MIPS core, ARM core or any other. The WLAN application for UMPC or PC that use Windows XP/ Vista or Linux systems of operations can have x86 PC (with Intel pentium Core 2 Duo) or x86 UMPC (with Intel Atom processor or VIA Isaiah). For the mixture of with Bluetooth for low power, this company has chosen the Marvell 88W8686 (11b/g) and the CSR BC4-Rom.

The Bluetooth can be used in those remote areas and has powerclass 1 or 2(Bluetooth SPP) and can be with or without integrated antenna. It is specially made on the basis of an external CSR Blue Core 4. The consumers can easily take advantage of the Bluetooth experience through text commands (with the help of upper-level protool stacks and/ or SPP). These methods are easy to use, less expensive and reduce the time and the costs of usage! So people can smile with joy due to Fujitsu!

Let’s mention also about the GPS features that permit you to take advantage of its prorpieties in the remotest places ever and you can use them with confidence.

Don’t forget that you can get advantage of GPS, WLAN and Bluetooth no matter where you are: in a remote region, mountains or even a joint God knows where! Fujitsu helps you and your mobile gadget to connect to the Internet and talk with your closest ones through the wireless modules that are extended in the remote European regions and places!

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