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Fujitsu’s awards through the years

Through the years the Fujitsu company has done many things in the technology area and not only! It is one of the most important brands on the international market and it can be described as offering reliable products and some of them are affordable, other things that may speak about Fujitsu is that it is involved in certain environment projects and some of its products are designed not to harm the surroundings. We “ran into” a big list of awards that Fujitsu has received through the years and maybe you may want to know about these…..

Fujitsu’s latest award is for the line of green products in order to protect the environment! The group has a basis “Aspiring to sustainable management to help realize a sustainable society in the environmental, economic and social spheres”. Good luck Fujitsu maybe you’ll be able to protect nature and the future!

This brand has also won numerous awards in the consulting services area! Prizes like “Innovation in IT” (the 21st of March, 2005) or “CRM Consultant One to Watch” (the 23rd of August, 2003) seem piece of cake for this company!

Another field in which the brand has received an award is the R&D section; in other words Fujitsu has received a prize at Nano Tech for IT and Electronic on the 23th of 2009, when a member said “We at Fujitsu hope that this award win will become a catalyst for faster growth of research and development of carbon electronics, not only for Fujitsu, but for Japan-based R&D for carbon electrics overall”! It seems this statement has been a basis for the year 2009 and step by step, the company has managed to keep its word!

When it comes to the computing products, this section is full of prizes! We start from the Intel Server & Storage Innovation Award for PRIMERGY TX120 Compact Server, a PC Pro UK Award in 2004 and the list can continue …..

As you can see, it is a demonstrated fact that the brand Fujitsu it is a powerful name in the IT area and not only! We now continue with a short history of this company traced back in the 1923 to 1949, years in which the brand has played with telecommunication, the years between 1950 and 1958 are named the dawn of the Fujitsu’s computer business, 1959 and 1969 are described as a decade of bold moves, the 1970- 1979 period is described as being a wave of international standardization, the next eleven years between 1980 and 1991 are seen as a decade of personalization and beginning from 1992 and through our present times Fujitsu encounters a period in which it finds a shift to solutions and services….

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