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Fujitsu’s Holiday Outlet Store

Fujitsu has prepared a Holiday Outlet Store for you and with this offer you’re going to be able to purchase Fujitsu laptops with $260 off and for this you have to enter on the official site and get a coupon code that is going to be helpful in case you want to purchase your gadget.

Between all the gadgets that you encounter on this site there are those from the Fujitsu T series and this means that you’re going to end up with a really gorgeous bargain in which there’s involved a Tablet PC.

The starting prices for these gadgets start at $1300 and can go up to $2000 depending on the configurations you choose to apply for. There’s also that discount that we mentioned about, the $250 off and we think that it’s going to be pretty useful and you’re going to feel it in your pockets as well.
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So, the products that you can apply for in this super offer are the Fujitsu LifeBook T series Tablet PC gadgets, which we’re certain you already know pretty much about.

Fujitsu's Holiday Outlet Store

You can choose different configurations for your gadgets and the processors that stand at the basis differ from a gadget to another. You can apply for an Intel Core i3 processor, an Intel Core 2 ULV SU9400, Intel Core 2 P8600, Intel Core 2 P8700, Intel Core 2 P8400 or even Intel Core T9550. It depends on the expectations you have and what do you want to obtain from your gadget and also what you’re expecting from it, the matter for which you buy it and so on….

The display sizes for which you can apply for in the gadgets you intend on buying aren’t as varied as the processor types, there are two main options that you can purchase – the option with a 13.3” display and one with 12.1”, both of them are WXGA screens and they will deliver nice visuals and really gorgeous colors.

The operating system recommended and you have the genuine option as well: the Windows 7 Pro or Windows Vista Business – both of these options seem pretty useful and you can rely on them for sure.

The memory size varies from a Tablet PC to another and the feedback that you’re going to be able to receive is indeed great. Also, you can apply for a space dimension from 80GB of HDD, to 120GB of HDD, to 160 of HDD and even 250GB of HDD.

The battery is going to turn out efficient, let’s also mention that they have a 6 cell format and you’re going to be able to use the gadget for hours and hours.

The last feature we want to add about and it concerns the Fujitsu laptops concerns the integrated webcam which will turn out more than useful whenever it comes to maintaining video conferences and similar activities.

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