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Fujitsu’s LifeBook T900 Tablet PC

It seems that the products we’ve mentioned about some time ago from Fujitsu are now available and can be bought directly from their site. Such a great product is the new LifeBook T900 Tablet PC that we’ve mentioned about some time ago in one article about Fujitsu’s new releases….

This LifeBook Tablet PC has at the basis the new Intel Core family of processors and each type of processor seems to be characterized in a certain manner: the i3- brings new-generation performance to your business things; the i5- increases productivity and reduces costs and the i7-delivers performance exactly when the users need it the most.

The LifeBook T900 Tablet PC can be found at a staring price of $1.889 and depending on the configuration you choose the price may increase….

Fujitsu's LifeBook T900 Tablet PC2

Fujitsu recommends for these lines of gadget the Genuine Windows 7 Professional operating system that won’t raise any question mark and we assure you of that! You can also be sure that it is really easy to use and it will be helpful in everything you intend on doing.

The 13.3” WXGA LED backlit display will certainly be helpful every time you intend on watching a movie. Let’s also mention that you can watch the movie in any angle you wish because this screen has wide-viewing in every angle. Also let’s mention that the screen can also have an active digitizer or a dual digitizer.

Fujitsu's LifeBook T900 Tablet PC3

The built-in webcam will also certainly help you every time you intend on chatting with one of your friends and you want to see each other. You can also realize wonderful video conferences with the help of this webcam and this will be really helpful when it comes to your business.

The LifeBook T900 notebook has Intel HD graphics, which is a great thing, 2 GB DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM memory, 160 GB SATA, integrated Bluetooth wireless, Intel Centrine advanced WLAN and the list may continue….

Fujitsu's LifeBook T900 Tablet PC4

Regarding the other features let’s mention also that this phone has a full size keyboard that has also a touchpad, there’s also a user-cleanable dust filter, a sensor that detects luminosity, an embedded fingerprint sensor and this isn’t all about this great looking gadget with great technical features.

It is kind of expensive, but you should think of it in this way: it’s new, it has at the basis the newest line of Intel Core processors, it’s portable, you can rely on it, it isn’t that heavy and let’s also not forget the fact that it’s also good looking too!

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