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Gateway laptops

We haven’t mentioned that much about Gateway laptops, but better now then never, right?! These laptops are considered as being affordable and with good technical features in the same time. You have a great range of products from where you can choose and you’re going to see exactly what we’re talking about after you read this topic.

The first laptops we want to mention about are from the LT series. These have at the basis an Intel Atom processor, with 1 GB DDR2 memory and up to 250 GB hard drive. Let’s not forget to mention the most important thing about the starting price, which is $299.99 and also that you, can have these gadgets in different glossy colors too.

Gateway LT series

The laptops from the EC series have a starting price of $399.99 and you can choose different colors for them. Also, you can choose between an 11” or 15” displays. Besides the things mentioned up to this moment you need to know that these have Intel processors of different types: Celeron, Pentium or Core 2 Duo, up to 4 GB DDR2 memory and 500GB or 320 GB hard drive and let’s not forget also about the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.

Gateway EC series

The NV series is next in the list of Gateway laptops; these have display sizes of 15” or 17” and can be found in different varieties of colors and with a starting price of $479. These have at the basis AMD and Intel processors, and some of them even the newest ones…. Leaving the processors behind, let’s mention about the 4GB DDR2 memory, the 320GB/500GB hard drive and the ATI Radeon HD graphics.

Gateway NV Series

The last on the list is the P series. These laptops from this series are ideal when it comes to HD movies, video editing and high performance gaming. These laptops have a 17” display and it’s designed in order to satisfy all the needs possible. Just think of your desktop pc that can be carried around and maybe you’re going to make a general idea concerning this laptop’s features!

Gateway P series

These laptops have at the basis the Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 4 GB DDR3 memory and large hard drives. What do these mean? The fact that you can apply for multi-tasking and also no hard working gadgets anymore and this is the dream of every consumer: to work with a laptop that doesn’t have such problems.

Besides the things mentioned previously we would like to mention also about the NVIDIA GeForce graphics, which is ideal when it comes to video editing, playing games and intensive 3D applications. Oh and the most important thing that we’ve forgotten to mention is the starting price of this line, or a gadget from this series: $1,099.99.

If you haven’t been convinced yet by Gateway to purchase one of its gadgets, maybe from now on you’ll feel the need of doing it or even to explore deep and see just how great or not are the products offered by this brand.

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