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Gateway netbooks

Gateway netbooks are all about the LT series of gadgets, which are really effective and great looking in the same time. We’ve been discussing about them, but we think that we’ve been doing it in a vague manner.

If you’re looking for web access, long lasting mobility and communication – all these three features seem to be enchased in the Gateway LT series netbook. You can find these in two sizes and in a big range of colors, they’re smart looking and these gadgets seem to be the perfect side-kick in case you’re a person who is always on the run and needs his or her gadget next.

Gateway LT series netbook

So, the LT netbooks have at the basis the Intel Atom or AMD processor, the latter being kind of really vague used among netbooks and you can consider this as a new feature.

We were mentioning something about a side-kick…. Well, you have to know that this one is 1” thin, it weighs about 2.43 pounds and you can find it in two options, which differ through the display size – the 10.1” display and the 11.6” one. You can take your netbook with you at the coffee shop or wherever you go and this is while you carry it in your purse or backpack. And speaking about screens and displays, you have to know that you’re going to receive gorgeous visuals and an amazing feedback with these! You’re going to be able to easy surf on the web and without encountering any difficulties, also the keyboard is great for being used and you’re going to love browsing and blogging all day long.

Gateway LT series netbook 2

Whenever it comes to internet and communication the Gateway netbooks make it easier for you, not due to their relatively small dimensions, but for the gorgeous internet features and not only…. The built0in webcam makes it easier to speak with your closest ones and maintaining video calls with it. as for the headphones, these are magnificent to use and you’re going to hear everything vividly.

So, we were mentioning something about the Intel and AMD processors, well we should continue with mentioning the exact types that you can apply for: the Intel Atom N450 option or the Intel Atom N270 processor, which are no news, because we’ve observed them in several other gadgets.

There’s also the 1 GB of memory as well as 160 GB or 250 GB of HDD, features that are going to offer you a relatively nice experience and really gorgeous in the same time.

Gateway LT series netbook 3

Also, if the classical black version seems like really dull to you, then apply for one of the color and pattern options that Gateway has for you and you’re not going to regret it! we were thinking of nice patterns, which are going to make these netbooks attractive, to which we add the label with a metallic look.

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