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Some of you are always looking for gadgets that have a long battery life resistance and let’s not forget that this is an important thing when it comes to an effective laptop. So, what needs to be done in this case: when you have a laptop and its battery doesn’t resist as much as you would love. Well, as we’ve got solutions for all your problems, we’re going to offer some examples of HP batteries that can be bought separately in order for you to obtain a longer battery life resistance for your gadget. We hope that you find our suggestions useful and let’s also mention that you’re going to know exactly for what types of laptops these are meant for.

So, we start with a mini 3 cell battery that is effective for laptops like HP Mini 1000 or the Compaq Mini 700 with a price around $32. This piece is really lightweight and with a compact style and it won’t even be observed under your Mini laptop and also, let’s not forget that you can use it in the HP Voodoo Envy 133 laptop as well.

HP 3-cell Primary Battery for Mini 1000 Series

Another great idea for extending the battery life is definitely this 9 cell battery that can be found around the price of $56. This one is compatible with the HP Pavilion dv3 laptop. How can you charge it? Well, with the help of an AC adapter port and while it’s connected to your notebook. This one is indeed effective and you can be sure that it’s a good variant for extending the average battery life resistance of a 6 cell piece.

HP 9-cell Battery

We continue with a 6 cell battery that will definitely increase the life of your gadget. This one goes up to 8 hours of battery life and the price it has says it all, it’s around $64.99. So, you can be sure that with this one you’re going to get advantage of productivity while you’re on the run, it’s ideal to be used with the HP Mini 210 netbook and we totally recommend it.

HP 6-cell Extended Life Battery for Mini 210 Series

Another interesting suggestion that we have for you is the 6 cell battery that’s also from HP and that costs around $71.49. This one is ideal to be used with the models of HP Mini 311 and Compaq Mini 311. You’re going to experience a longer battery life with this piece and let’s also mention the exact period: 7 hours. What more could you ask for, really?

HP 6-cell Extended Life Battery for Mini 311 Series

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