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HP Compaq 8530p

Are you looking for a business laptop? HP Compaq 8530p will certainly satisfy all your needs! It`s not a cheap laptop at all, but if you`re looking for a good product, be sure this is the one you`ve been looking for!

HP Compaq 8530p is a refined gadget, with an elegant aspect, it looks classical and it isn`t heavy at all, it weights under 3 kilograms. It has a wonderful combination of colors, more exactly: black and silver, such a combination that won`t let you down! You`ll certainly be proud of exposing your gadget during the meetings! After all, you carry it with you because you store in it most of the information and projects you`ve been working on lately!

It has a black, smooth keyboard on which you easily can press your fingers! They keys aren`t small at all, they`re accessible and certainly it`s a pleasure to press a button!

You can easily take advantage of the wireless experience, as this notebook has this propriety. Using wireless isn`t a problem, you can enjoy it during your travels, but also can use this function when your elaborating one of your project!


HP Compaq 8530p

Besides the wireless function of the internet, there are many other aspects regarding this gadget: an Intel Core 2 duo processor( model P8600, frequency 2400 MHz, FSB 1066 MHz and Cache L2 3071 kB), an ATI Mobility Radeon HD3650 chipset video( capacity of 256 MB and VRAM video memory), HDD capacity of 250 GB( SATA interface, 5400 rpm speed of rotation), DDR2 RAM memory( standard size of 2048 MB, maximum size of 8192 MB and 2 slots of memory), DVD+/-RW SuperMulti DL( High Definition Audio, stereo speakers incorporated and microphone incorporated).

HP Compaq 8530p has a Bluetooth and a modem incorporated, and besides these many ports for: DC-in, HDMI, Firewire, Headphone, Microphone, LAN, USB 2.0, VGA and Modem and also an extension slot for ExpressCard/54.

The notebook battery resists up to 5 hours, which is a good thing, cause it means you can carry it with you all over the places you go and make sure you don`t run out of battery in the most important moments, always take your adaptor with you!


HP Compaq 8530p

The 15.4 inch display is also a good thing about this laptop, it`s type WXGA and will help you in your most boring moments, cause you`ll certainly have such moments when you travel, you may store you favorite documentaries or serials you like the most, you surely won`t get bored during your travels, and the images given by the display won`t certainly disappoint you!

It`s an elegant product and it`s certainly worth every little penny! HP Compaq 8530p takes part of that category of expensive products, that really deserve being expensive, as it has great technical capacities, it can be used for different applications, it has also optional functions that come to enlarge your mobile computer experience! Seriously, you won`t get bored, you`ll make all your projects and you won`t regret spending your money on it!

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