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HP dv7t series

We finished with the dv6t series and we continue with the HP dv7t. With the basic configuration one of these notebooks has a starting price of $799.99 and with the recommended one you have a starting price of $1,102.98. We consider these prices fair enough, because the technical features are quite good, let’s admit it….

This product is considered as being a good replacement to the classical desktop PC. As basic features we would like to mention the “liquid metallic” exterior aspect, the 17.3” display with options like Blu-ray or built-in TV tuning.

The Windows 7 operating system will clearly help you in your daily activities. You can usually browse on the internet using the Explorer 8 browser, this activity will be done faster, you can be sure of that. You can apply for the Windows XP mode if you want to and you can also share documents with numerous PCs in your network domain. We need also to mention that you can stay connected really easily if you’re away.

You can personalize your gadget just the way you want and change its color, but its basic feature still remain with the cool “liquid metallic” aspect. The HP logo will light up every time you open your notebook. The keyboard and the touchpad will match perfectly with the color you choose for your exterior lid. The display with 16:9 has high-definition quality and will offer you a great video experience.
The basic configuration regards the Intel i3 processor that can be changed to the i5. The gadget has 512 MB ATI graphics that confers you the great video experience we were previously mentioning…. You can choose for external color lids like Espresso Black or Moonlight White, no matter what you decide on both look marvelous!

These notebooks offer you great multimedia experience and this feature is assured by the Wi-Fi, webcam and microphone and also the HDMI port that connects your mobile gadget to an external monitor. Using the TV tuner you can record your favorite TV shows and see them when you have free time. With the integrated Blu-ray you can place your photos or documents on DVDs or CDs.

With this gadget you can do whatever you like in your free time: occupy it with relaxing activities and you’ll see how great everything is. You can browse on the internet, listen to your favorite tunes, watch a movie, and maintain discussions with your close ones…. All these things with only one gadget: the HP dv7t notebook….

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