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HP EliteBook 8440w mobile workstation

The other product that we want to continue with and we’re certain that you’re going to enjoy pretty much is definitely this one and we’re sure you’re going to love pretty much. We’re speaking about the HP EliteBook 8440w mobile workstation that makes sure you’re going to love using it in all the business activities that you intend on doing.

So, we’re speaking about this laptop that has a starting price of $1,399 and you won’t regret applying for it from the first instant.

We totally recommend this gadget for photographers, for those that are in need of power, designers that need workstation graphics and so on….

For this particular laptop there are multiple operating system types that you can apply for and we’re sure that they sound interesting enough, at least when it comes to their usage: the Windows 7 Professional, the Windows 7 Home Premium, the Windows Vista or the Windows Vista Home Basic.

HP EliteBook 8440w mobile workstation

Another thing that you definitely need to find out about relates to the Intel Core i7 processor that you can apply for or the Intel Core i5 processor. Both of these are useful and you can rely on them perfectly, when it comes to the level of power that you’re going to receive as well as the fact that you can multitask freely and get fully advantage of all this laptop’s features.

When it comes to the internal drive you can apply for different options from 160GB to 500GB or 320GB or even to 250GB. No matter on what variant you apply for you can be certain that you’re going to end up with a gorgeous combination and that you’re going to be able to store all your files and applications there without encountering any difficulties.

As for the display, it’s gorgeous as well…. You can definitely use the 14” display when it comes to getting advantage of gorgeous features as well as seeing all the movies and videos you wish at the highest level of quality! Let’s also mention that the graphics makes sure you get advantage of these gorgeous features we’ve been mentioning about- there’s the NVIDIA Quadro FX 380M that you need to know about and the 512 MB of DDR3 that is also really important to take into account.

When it comes to the energy efficiency level you definitely have to take into account the Energy Star qualified that is really important and it’s a useful feature as well!

Only gorgeous things that were mentioned about this laptop and we’re definite that you’re going to end up with a good purchase in the end and that you’re not going to regret applying for it!

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