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HP EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation

The HP EliteBook Mobile Workstation laptops are really great to be taken into account in case you’re looking for strong gadgets that you can use in your workplace with ease. Let’s also add that they’re going to deliver the highest level of power and they have a starting price of $1,299, which is kind of great, don’t you think so? Well, if you’re not convinced by these features, after reading this review you’re going to be convinced of this matter for sure….

Before starting to speak about this gadget you have to know some general features of the HP EliteBook Mobile Workstation line. So, this series is considered to be a great combination between professional graphics solutions and high performance processing, these two placed in a business and rugged design.
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So, these gadgets offer a high level of power and with the robust processing you’re going to be able to get advantage of this gadget’s features while you’re on the run and not only. As for the design, it seems to highlight the fact that you’re facing a powerful gadget.

You can apply for different display sizes for this line of laptops: the 14.0” option, one with the 15.6” or the variant with the 17.3” screen.

This time we would like you to take into account the HP EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation with a starting price of $1,349. We consider this laptop ideal for engineers, developers or designers who need the power of a workstation graphics and a large display in the same time, but on top of all it shouldn’t weigh too much. In case you were looking for such a gadget it means that this HP laptop is the ideal one for you.

As operating system options you can apply for different variants of Windows 7 or even for the Windows Vista Business…. It depends on your personal choice and you have to keep in mind your expectations, on top of all.

The processor family that you can take into account is from the newest ones from Intel and surely you know that this means extra power delivered to you. So, you can take into account the Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processors – both of them have the Turbo Boost Technology that is going to seem really useful and great to be taken into account in the same time.

HP EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation

The internal drive assures you have enough space for all your documents and applications and you can be sure that you’re going to love working on this gadget! So, there’s the option of 250GB, 500GB or less, such as the 160GB and it can go up to 256GB.

The HP EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation has a 15.6” display which makes sure you’re going to be able to receive all the great visuals you need and so on….

There are multiple options of graphics that you can apply for, between which you can find the ATI FirePro M5800 graphics with 1GB dedicated DDR3 memory, there’s also the NVIDIA Quadro FX 880M graphics with 1GB dedicated DDR3 video memory and the NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800M graphics with 1GB dedicated CDDR5 video memory.

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