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HP Envy 13

Are you looking for a laptop that has a long life battery resistance? Well, there should be no problem because we’ve got just the right solution for you, with over 10 hours of battery resistance it’s the HP Envy 13. These ones have a starting price of $1,199.99 and you can be sure that these won’t let you down every time you need them.

Although these gadgets are really thin you can be certain that they have good technical features in the same time. Also, they can be ultra portable and very easy to be handled around.

HP Envy 13 1

For this one there is suggested the Windows 7 operating system that will be more than effective in all the things that you are intending to do. You can get things done in a really fast manner and with streamlined navigation. Also you can browse the web in a very easy manner due to the Internet Explorer 8. If you don’t like the idea of using the Windows 7 operating system then you can easily apply for the Windows XP version with its classical features.

Besides the thin looks, these laptops are also designed in a very gorgeous manner: an aluminum and magnesium alloy, the chassis is also lightweight and you’re going to obtain a great looking aspect through the protective display glass. There’s also the full size keyboard that will be more than ideal when it comes to typing: your fingers won’t stumble and you won’t certainly have accidents when you’re trying to type.

HP Envy 13

There’s the Intel Core 2 Duo processor that will deliver you powerful features with low power consumption, the applications run in a very fast manner due to the 3072MB DDR3 system memory, and the 13.1” display will be just great when it comes to viewing movies and things like that. The premium discrete ATI Mobility Radeon HD graphics with 512MB dedicated offers you great features and a superb performance so there are all the reasons for you to take advantage of the multimedia features. The sound offered to you is between of the best when it comes to the quality, the wireless features are just great and you can get take advantage of these no matter where you are.

HP Envy 13

When it comes to the battery life let’s mention that there are delivered up to 19 hours of battery life, fact which will astonish most of you, because you’re always expecting a couple of hours maximum from a powerful gadget and as you can observe there are more than a couple of hours here.

The HDMI port makes sure that you enjoy your movies on a large display in your living room and we’re sure that it will be more than effective. No more to say! The HP Envy 13 seems really interesting as a series and we’re sure that you would be glad to dig more into its “secrets”.

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