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HP Envy 14 series

We know that you enjoy our reviews about lightweight and powerful laptops and that’s why we try all the time to offer you only the most interesting examples that could be given and let’s say also that we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy this laptop as well: HP Envy 14 series with a starting price of $1,099.99.

The Envy series are believed to be between the lightest gadgets around the world and we’re sure that they are. Also, they are really powerful and you can do almost anything with them: gaming, multimedia features, projects and let’s not forget about all the entertainment features.

HP Envy 14 series 2
How light is this gadget? Well, to be more specific it has 1.1” and it’s really lightweight in the same time with a special design. Another thing that must be mentioned is the fact that through the usage of the recommended operating system Windows 7 Home Premium, there will be no questions any more….

With the Intel Core i3 processor multitasking isn’t a problem anymore. Let’s also mention that you’re going to be able to upgrade it to Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7.

HP Envy 14 series 3

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that it has a 14.5” HD Radiance Infinity LED display with a very sharp resolution. You’re going to feel like a part of the movie you’re watching or the game you’re playing and this is a super thing, it denotes just how great this gadget is. These things are also due to the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 graphics.

The 4 GB DDR3 system memory is expandable to 8GB and let’s not forget also that there’s a special slot for a DVD burner.

HP Envy 14 series 4

The island-style keyboard is also backlit; it has a numeric keypad and an oversized click pad. You’re going to type all the things without your fingers stumbling one into the other. It’s great to have a keyboard that makes you remember of your old desktop computer.

You’re going to experience all the greatest stuff in music and you’re definitely going to remain with a marvelous audio experience.

HP Envy 14 series 5

Be sure that you’re going to keep in touch with the latest things on the internet due to the wireless Wi-Fi with Bluetooth and the integrated LAN that ensures high-speed connection. The HDMI port makes sure that you view your movies, videos and projects on a HDTV.

In case it happens for you to drop the gadget then you can be sure that all your data and application will remain safe and sound due to the HP ProtectSmart features that will protect all the things inside your gadget.

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