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HP Envy 15 beats limited edition

Throughout the time we’ve presented you various HP laptops, but we forgot to have a topic over the HP Envy series. This line includes different types of gadgets that differ from one and other through different technical features or the size display.

This time we’re going to speak only about one gadget from the Envy line and it’s the HP Envy 15 beats limited edition, which has a starting price of $1,999.99 with the basic configuration.

The HP Envy 15 beats limited edition is all about music and beats as its name tells it. This gadget offers you great performance, Beats Studio headphones and also DJ tools. You can sure that you’ll enjoy your favorite music tunes in the best quality ever with this gadget.

So this gadget offers you power, deep bass, clarity and also it features the latest line of processors from Intel, the Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors. Besides all the things mentioned up to this moment there’s also the really helpful Windows 7 that helps you in your daily activities. What exactly can you do with the help of this operating system? You can definitely keep in touch with your friends and the newest news, browse the web faster with the Internet Explorer 8 and also stay connected with the newest stuff!

HP Envy 15 beats limited edition

So this laptop assures you can enjoy astonishing performance with the help of the Intel processors, the operating system, the 6144MB DDR3 system memory, great 3D graphics (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4830 with 1GB dedicated) and also the built-in hard drive protection that will help your data to be saved in case you drop your laptop or something like that.

Also in this gadget you’ll find the perfect companion for composing music or things like that! With its programs and features you can be sure that you’ll enjoy a great multimedia experience and you’re going to enjoy your time in a really pleasurable mode.

HP Envy 15 beats limited edition2

Besides all of the things mentioned previously let’s not forget that this gadget has a really elegant look: with its lightweight magnesium chassis, al elegant metallic surface, great controls, helpful light for the keyboard and touchpad in the night time….

The 15.6” display offers you full HD viewing on a 15.6” Ultra Brightview display and also you’ll see marvelous colors and  not only: enjoy your movies and videos at the highest level and quality.

As you can see the HP Envy 15 beats limited edition offers only great things and we think that you can find refurbished variants of it if you find it too expensive or you feel like you can’t afford it and you like it very much.

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