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HP G62t series

Here’s an interesting gadget for day to day computing and which has an interesting starting price. After all, you want a mobile computer that’s most of all cheap and that has good technical features and to be ultra portable. Believe it or not we found such a model, which has the starting price of $549. 99 and it’s a part of the HP G62t series. We will make a review on all this series and we hope that it’s as interesting to you as it was for us….

So most of all, this gadget is affordable and it has a high definition LED display of 15.6” diagonal and it’s perfect for your daily mobile computer experience. Besides these basic features you get other interesting ones, such as: an external lid that has a matte surface meaning that it will remain clean all the time, the already mentioned backlit LED display will offer the most vivid images and movies and you’re going to be able to see them even in HD content and also a full size keyboard and a divine touch pad…. Have these things convinced you yet?

HP G62t series2

Also, you have the Windows 7 operating system that makes your life easier and everything will seem piece of cake, just because it’s manageable and every problem you encounter has a solution. You have the streamlined navigation that simplifies all, things will be done easier and faster, such as browsing on the web with the help of Internet Explorer 8 and also you’ll stay connected in public hotspots.

We also feel like mentioning the technical features and specifications too. So you have the latest Intel Core i3 processors, which can be upgradeable to Intel Core i5 processors and not only.

HP G62t series3

There’s also the Wi-Fi, which means that you’re going to get advantage of the Internet every time you feel like doing it and in no matter what place.

Leaving behind all the things already mentioned there are also the Altec Lansing speakers that offer you great sound and vivid too. The gadget has also a digital microphone and ENERGY Star qualification. Also, you can maintain virtual discussions with the help of the digital microphone, which is integrated.

HP G62t series4

As you can see there are only interesting things to be said about this HP gadget. It will be helpful no matter where you find yourself and you can be sure that you won’t get bored that easily. Watching your favorite movies, playing easy games, multitasking, blogging or chatting will seem pleasurable in this great looking gadget, which is kind of lightweight and thin too.

The starting price sounds great and it’s not that different from the ones with recommended configuration, which have a starting price of $728.99. Good luck in picking an appropriate configuration and an affordable price for the HP G62t gadgets!

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