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HP laptops for everyday computing 2

In the last topic we’ve presented you some HP laptops that were ideal for everyday computing and this is how we’re back with this subject and we’re suggesting only the greatest gadgets on the market for you in order to find your appropriate one.

So, we present you other three mobile gadgets that are ideal for being used for this purpose and we hope that you enjoy these as much as we did when we found out about them. Let’s not forget that these suggestions speak of brand new laptops and this is the basic configuration and starting price, but you can choose other ones if you feel like this isn’t the greatest variant….

Our first suggestion in this topic of everyday computing laptop takes part of the HP G71t series and it has a starting price of $579.99. With this laptop you’re definitely not going to say that you’re bored or things like that: it’s ideal for entertainment and also it does things properly and at the highest level of quality.

The basic configuration that is recommended has the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system at the basis, the Intel Pentium T4300 processor, 4 GB DDR2 system memory and 250 GB HDD. All of these features make you understand that you’re going to obtain a great feedback and also you won’t get bored at all with it on your lap.

The 17.3” high definition display has a webcam incorporated and you have also a microphone, things that mean that you’re going to be able to maintain video conferences with your friends and family, while you’re on the run.

hp g70t notebook

The HP Pavilion dv6z series offer our next laptop that we’re suggesting for everyday computing. This laptop has a stylish look and it has a starting price of $599.99 and its technical features kind of show you why it is in this way.

So, this laptop will definitely be useful for your everyday computing experience, bringing all the things that you need and making it easier for you. The basic configuration has a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, an AMD Turion II Dual-Core processor, 3 GB DDR2 system memory, 250 GB HDD with the ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection feature and the ATI Radeon Graphics.

The 15.6” high definition display has a webcam incorporated and also the microphones too and you know what this means, don’t you? As you can see there’s no chance for you to get bored with this gadget either and this is definitely a great thing.

hp pavilion dv6z laptop

Our last suggestion for everyday computing is a part of the HP Pavilion dv6t series. This one has a starting price of $659.99 and it looks cool and just great to be carried around and performing the hardest tasks in the same time.

The basic configuration for this laptop has the Windows 7 Home Premium, the Intel Core i3 processor, 3 GB DDR3 system memory, 320 GB HDD to which there’s added the ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection feature, the Intel HD Graphics and let’s of course not forget about the input microphone and webcam.

hp pavilion dv6t

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