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HP laptops – HP Pavilion dv4i series

We know that you all love the HP laptops and most of all if they’re cheap. One of these gadgets comes from the dv4i series and it has a starting price of $649.99.

This HP laptop is certainly a great travel companion, good looking and it’s great for entertainment, yes we’re speaking about the HP Pavilion dv4i Entertainment PC.

These lines feature the newest processors from Intel: Intel Core i3 and i5 and have an astonishing 14.1”to which there is added an optical drive and a great weight and slim style, so as you can see these are only good reasons for you buying the gadget.

Besides all the things mentioned above we need to mention the genuine Windows 7 that makes everything easier for you and for your daily activities. You can get things working really fine and easy, browse on the web with the help of Internet Explorer 8.

This lightweight laptop can be found in two delicious color tones: moonlight white and espresso black. The touchpad, palm rest, keyboard and the side panel come matching with the color you choose.

The high definition display will permit you to see your favorite movies and TV shows in great colors and everything will seem really vivid to you as if it happens in front of your eyes. All of this is possible with the help of the ATI mobility Radeon graphics card.

HP Pavilion dv4i series

HP Pavilion dv4i series 2

HP Pavilion dv4i series 3

We’ve mentioned some lines above about the i3 and i5 processors and these have the Turbo Boost technology that will speed up the system whenever you need extra performance. Also there is the DDR3 system memory that goes up to 8 GB, which means extra performance and not only….

The HDMI port will certainly be at your help every time you feel like seeing your movies on a large screen in the living room with all of your friends.

There are some other features that will certainly help you in your mobile computer experience and these include the HP ProtectSmart, which is built-in and it will detect immediately if your laptop is dropped and it will save your data by locking the hard drive.

Some other features regard the Gigabit Ethernet, HP QuickWeb (makes it easier for your to connect to the web, emails and other applications), the aSATA and USB 2.0 port, a fingerprint reader for safety and let’s not forget about the HP logo on the back that will light up every time you’re going to turn on the laptop.

Just think of all the entertainment you get while using this gadget: listening to your favorite music tunes, watch videos or favorite TV shows, surf on the internet while away or at home (with the Wi-Fi) and many other things that are so great about the HP Pavilion dv4i laptop.

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