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HP laptops under $500 2

Now that the economical crisis has affected your budget that much and the school approaching, you have to search for the best bargain possible. This can be possible if you take into account the suggestions that we’re offering here, because after all these are only meant to help you. Let’s not forget that we’re trying to offer only the best examples here and all the things exposed up to this moment were meant to help you.

We would like to speak about HP laptops under $500 and we start with the HP G62t series which can be purchased around the price of $479.99. This is a 15” laptop that is very budget friendly and let’s also mention that it can handle whatever task you have for it. It’s powered by the Intel Dual Core processors or you can opt for the Intel Core i processors if you wish to, but there’s a difference in the price.

HP G62t series 2

So, this particular laptop has a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, which is genuine, also you can apply for a free upgrade to 3GB DDR3 system memory, or a free upgrade to 320GB HDD. Also, we would like to continue with mentioning that there’s the Intel Pentium Dual Core P6000 processor at the basis if you want this particular variant that we’re mentioning about. The Wireless-N card is going to be very helpful in your daily activities and procedures and you won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to downloading or simply browsing on the web. This laptop has a battery life resistance of 5 hours and we think that this sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

HP G62t series 3

The other option that we would like to suggest to you, meaning a laptop under $500 is comes directly from the HP G42t series. This 14” laptop can be taken wherever you go. This one has at the basis the Intel Dual Core and Intel Core I processor, depending on how much money you’re willing to spend.

HP G42t series

The Windows 7 Home Premium is going to be just great as an operating system: it’s not hard to sue and if you have any questions these will receive the answer immediately. There’s a free upgrade to 3GB DDR3, this particular variant we’re speaking about has an Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor P6000 and it’s really effective in your daily processes. This particular laptop comes to have up to 5 hours of battery life and we think that it’s going to be pretty useful while you’re on the run.

HP G42t series 2

So, we sincerely think that you have to apply for one of the HP laptops that we’ve been suggesting up to this moment, because it would be a pity not to!

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